Samson’s Mill and To Whom We are Joined

Zach with cakeMy husband and I had just ended a quite-active weekend of hosting our youngest grandson.  After weaving together a steady and exhausting variety of activities throughout the 48-hour period, it was pretty clear that his overall expectation of life’s goodness could be fairly well summarized by 3 phrases:  entertain me, entertain me more, and  entertain me with something new.

For a four year old, of course,  that’s nothing unusual.  Then I chuckled and felt like the Lord gave me a playful finger poke through the Spirit as I mused to myself,  That really isn’t such an unusual attitude even among people in the above-four crowd...and what about the above-twenty-four crowd….or thirty-four….or forty-four?  

I stopped there.  Any farther and that age will start getting too-close-for-comfort to my own.  It’s just a fact:  the entertain-me mindset does not necessarily end with the arrival of a fifth birthday.  Given today’s American culture, I suspect that a relatively small number of people would even dispute that pervasive influences both nurture and support a ready acceptance of shallow-and-never-ending distractions.  Cradle-to-grave rabbit-trails, you could say.

But there is a second edge to this issue to consider, rather like taking the time to thoroughly examine the full blade of a two-edged sword.  And it has to do with destiny.

I believe that as a people chosen of God, a people for God’s own possession according to the Apostle Peter, we are doing ourselves — and the Father who loves us and adopted us in to fellowship/relationship with Himself, the Son and the Spirit — a great disservice when we dally on any of these random trails for any length of time.  Phrased more simply, we are allowing ourselves to be cheated. Continue reading “Samson’s Mill and To Whom We are Joined”