2017: Ambassadors

October 31, 2017:  Great Messages Shared during Trunk or Treat

In previous years, I have been the only spiritual-message trunk set out among the couple dozen trunks that form the Trunk or Treat circle.  Earlier trunks have included “God’s love is deep” (undersea theme), “You are God’s Treasure” (pirate chest theme), and “God brings new life” (butterfly theme).  This year, several trunks planted seeds in the souls of the dozens of families who came.  One of my favorites was the candylane theme, although the stars statement in Psalm 33 was really quite cool.  Loved the moon mask!

Candy Lane Trunk or Treat at Joyland Church
trunk or treat
Moon and stars
Harvest Blessings

God's Song


July 12, 2017:  Green Mtn. Falls Businesses Get Summer Encouragement Cards

I had great fun dodging raindrops today as I went from business to business in GMF, handing our summer encouragement cards.  What was the focus?  God’s abundance all around us, and His willingness to fill our lives with His abundance.  Had the opportunity to pray for several and share about our heavenly Father’s generosity to each of us.  Great day!  Lives were touched and Kingdom Seeds planted.




 July 7, 2017:  Successful Businesswoman Hears God Say, “Ana, you have to pursue this.  Now is a different time.”

This is a great testimony!  Ana Mims, successful Fortune 500 businesswoman living in Singapore, is laying down her 28-year  career to join Wycliffe Bible Translators.  Describing herself as “not very churchy,” Mims was “reading information about trauma counseling for women and children in war-torn countries that she first heard of Wycliffe Bible Translators, an organization that helps people translate the Bible into their own languages.”  It stirred the desire of her heart to “get involved in missions or giving to some groups that re underprivileged in some way…”

June 27, 2017:  NFL Player Derek Carr Lists Paying His Tithe as Top Priority

Ambassadorship takes many forms — this is a great gateway testimony for Derek Carr to build upon.  He states in an online article for christianheadlines.com,  “First thing I will do is pay my tithe like I have since I was in college, getting $700 on a scholarship check.”  Carr is reported as just signing a five-year, $125-million contract with the Oakland Raiders.

June 26, 2017:  Supreme Court Agrees to Hear Christian Bakers’ Masterpiece Cakeshop vs. Colorado Civil Rights Commission

Can “the government” in America force Christian business owners who refuse to perform specific services for those whose requests violate their deeply held biblical convictions? This question has been bouncing around for the last several years…and the Supreme Court has finally chosen to weigh in on this far-reaching court decision.  Since 2012, Cakeshop owner Jack Phillips has faced fines, orders to attend discrimination trainings and change bakeshop policies.  This case, which is scheduled to be heard in the Fall of this year, is billed as potentially being “a blockbuster.”  Many similar cases will be impacted as the decision comes down.

June 9, 2017:  Loving on People at Movie Above the Clouds

Awesome weather and a good turnout made Joyland’s first co-sponsor of Movie Above the Clouds a fun learning experience.  Folks were hugged, welcomed, splashed with the Spirit’s embrace.  About double the amount of people shown below arrived in time for the 8:25 movie start.

Crowd at June Movie Above the Clouds








June 6, 2017:  NBA Player Jeremy Lin Begins Support of One Day’s Wages and Hug Project

Jeremy Lin recently traveled to Bangkok, Thailand, and decided to team up with two Asian-based charities:  One Day’s Wages, whose objective is to raise awareness regarding girls education, and the Hug Project in Chiang Mai in northwest Thailand.  His traveling companion, Pastor Eugene Cho, posted a photo of the two of them walking through  “one of the red light districts in Bangkok where 10,000 sex workers, many of them children, are exploited on a daily basis.”  Lin, who is starting a charitable foundation, has been searching for “convictions from the Holy Spirit on where and with who to partner with for my foundation.”  

April 15, 2017 – Ute Pass Easter Egg Hunt Estimates 500 on Joyland Campus

What a beautiful day the Lord blessed us with on Saturday, April 15!  Tim Kolstad led our roving prayer team and prayed for folks as led, throughout the day.  The Reflections of Light/prophetic face painting booth had unbelievable lines of excited children during the whole open-carnival time.  Our visitors were touched by the Father’s Love as we hugged, encouraged, greeted, blessed, and hugged some more.

Pic 1: Line waiting for K-2 egg hunt; Pic 2: Eggs scattered for hunt; Pic 3: Incoming registration line; Pic 4:  First-ever Adult Egg Hunt — a huge success!!


April 13, 2017 – GMF Businesses Receive Easter Bag of Goodies and Encouragement

GMF businesses received Easter bags (not baskets) with candy, flower seeds, and an emergency 4.5-hour candle in the week prior to Resurrection Sunday.  Joyland’s prayer for each of these businesses?  “That the seeds of God’s love will find good soil in your life and bring a crop of fruit thirty, sixty, and a hundredfold.  We ask God’s blessing on you, your family, and your business.”  Shine that Light!!


March 21, 2017:  GMF Trustees Receive Easter Encouragement at Meeting

green mountain falls chamberGreen Mtn. Falls Trustees and Mayor Newberry received a special Easter basket that included sweet treats and a note of spiritual encouragement at the Board meeting March 21.

Revelation of how much Jesus loves each one of them IS our Easter prayer and hope for them!  Mayor Newberry will be kicking off  our Ute Pass Easter Egg Hunt at Joyland this year, and we are hoping some of the town Trustees will feel comfortable enough to drop by and visit with folks.






March 7, 2017:  Nearly-Canceled Franklin Graham Crusade Nets 1,900 Fish

The point of this article is awesome.  Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson, other city officials, and fourteen “ministers” petitioned that Franklin Graham not be allowed to hold his previously-scheduled Christian crusade.  Their reasons?  Franklin having made comments they believed reflected “extraordinarily derogative beliefs about gay marriage and Islam.”  Westwood Community Church pastor Giulio Lorefice, however, focused on Graham’s first love – his desire to preach about Jesus.  And the fishing nets got pretty full that day!


2/12/17: Joyland sends Valentines to the Green Mtn. Falls businesses to let them know that God loves them — and so do we!

1/26/17: Joyland’s Ministry Fair kicks off the official sign up to help with our 2017 Joyland Community Easter Egg Hunt.

This year’s Joyland Community Easter Egg Hunt will be held on April 15, right before Easter Sunday. Residents and visitors from nearby communities converge on Joyland for a morning of old-fashioned carnival games, and a 10,000-egg Easter Egg Hunt. Prayer teams are on-site to welcome and bless our visitors.

12/2016: Joyland Church Brings His Encouragement to Local Businesses in Green Mountain Falls

Joyland’s Outreach/Community team created mini-floral arrangements for each of the Green Mtn. Falls businesses, including written prayers for the business in each Christmas card. The prayers for the business and business owners will be continued for several months.

12/2016: Vine of Jesus (Upper Room, Manitou Springs, CO) Shares Exciting 2016 Fallvine of Jesus

Click on this link to see videos of Jimmy Davidson (Upper Room, Manitou) and the Vine of Jesus team minister locally and in other states.