Creative Prism 2017


November 25, 2017:  The Tree That Exalts the King

The Mountain Arts Holiday Craft Fair was an enormous success in so many ways — great people, pretty good visiting crowd.  I had volunteered to host the Welcome Booth at the entrance door, and it was so much fun.  Every half hour I carried the “Joy to the World” sign around the building interior to announce a new raffle ticket drawing….and by the second or third tour around, as I passed by, vendors and visitors were calling out “Joy to the world” with many adding “the Lord has come.”  Yes, Jesus!



October 28, 2017:  Transcend ’17 Outreach at Acacia Park

Unfortunately, I broke my own “first rule” — always, always, always, take a photo of prophetic art before giving it away!   This is a heartening  testimony from the day, however:  a young man, mid-thirties, came to my Encouragement and Insight booth in the park and said that he was an ex-alcoholic.  His addiction had destroyed his family, and put him on the verge of homelessness.  Although he had been sober for 13 months through God’s Spirit and trying to rebuild the pieces of his life, he was desperately seeking a word of encouragement.  I told him I was going to seek the Father and asl if He had anything to share with me, for him.  The Lord pointed me towards a small picture I had drawn the night before — the representation of a king’s scepter, sparking and resonating with power.   I shared the story of Esther 5:2 and said that I felt the Lord had His scepter extended towards the young man, for him to realize that God was waiting for him to reach for it in faith and that He would be actively involved in helping the young man through his multiple situations.  I reaffirmed how precious he was to his heavenly Father.   From my point of view, what I shared seemed to fall  somewhat short of giving the degree of encouragement he was looking for. 

What happened next is why I love the visually prophetic.  It’s where the Spirit of the Lord moves beyond the intellect and reasoning and deposits something of Himself straight into a person:  to my surprise and delight, the more the young man studied the small picture, the brighter his countenance became.  He actually started smiling and looked up and said, This is exactly the kind of encouragement I needed, today.  

August Opportunity:  Blessing People at Mtn. Artist Festival in Woodland Park

Despite the rain that chased people in and out of tents during the early August Art Festival,  Inner Creek Photography was able to shine Jesus’ Light into a number of peoples’ lives through hugs and encouragement.  Prophetically chosen chocolate kisses were labeled “A heavenly kiss for you” and people were encouraged to receive a “kiss from heaven” before they walked past.  Lots of opportunity to splash Jesus all over them!






June 24, 2017:  Prophetic Drawing Ministers at Native American Gathering

Emily Stone (Joyland, Boulder Street Church) was led by the Lord to draw a special picture while ministering to Native American Peoples in June.  The prophetic word that went with it read:  “Even in the midst of storms and trials, He is catching our dreams and is weaving them together.  We will see the sun shine, grass grow and life fully lived for the One who creates it all, our Dream Weaver.”

The Chief was greatly touched!





June 19, 2017:  Creative Outreach Touches Hundreds at Bonnaroo Festival

In a multi-church effort, over 400 carriers of His Presence (Christians) stepped into the 65,000-attendee Bonnaroo music festival and utilized creative means labeled  “spiritual readings,” face painting, “The Father’s Blessing,” dream interpretation and others.  Pastors Scott and Sara MacLeod commented on the spiritual hunger so evident, saying, “It was like fish jumping into a boat.”  This article is quite exciting to me — and a confirmation that Jesus is speaking, speaking, speaking and touching through unusual modes.


April 19, 2017:  ‘Closet Christians’ in Hollywood More Prevalent than Expected

Former film producer Karen Covell states in a recent interview, “I thought if I got the Church to start praying for the people in Hollywood, then they’ll stop hating them and maybe they’ll start getting a heart for these people as creations of God who are just lost and who just need to know Jesus.”  This is really interesting.  Covell states that upon her arrival in Hollywood, she “could hardly find another Christian around” and she now estimates that “at least 10,000 believers” are actively sharing the call “to share the Gospel in Hollywood.”

April 17, 2017:  ‘Dancing with the Stars’ and Worship Music?

This is pretty interesting.  I rarely watch ‘Dancing with the Stars’ and was surprised to read that two current contestants, Mr. T and Olympic gymnast Simone Biles, have been dancing to worship songs in their competitions.  This appeals to me a great deal because it combines two of my favorite worship expressions — musical expression, and dance — and brings them to a secular, mainstream audience who just might have their paradigms shaken up a little!

March 22, 2017:  Justin Bieber Kicks Off Sydney Concert with words Jesus Loves You

Justin Bieber has continued to grow in his boldness of testimony as he performs at concerts around the world.  While at his “Purpose Concert” in Sydney, Australia, he reportedly “emerged onto the stage in a transparent box displaying the hand-written words, Mark my words, Jesus loves you! 

2/23/17: Giving Up Before the Blossoms Grow Into Fruit

World Revival Network posted a blog entitled Remember, Not Everything Happens All At Once.

Why is this subject relevant to creativity and building a group/personally creative culture?

I think, deep down, we have an expectation of perfection in two areas as we pursue God utilizing artwork/creativity to be life-changing in our own and other lives.  

First, we question whether the created work is “good enough” for God to use. This often takes our emphasis away from what He can do to the quality (or lack) of what we can do — our presentation or skill level.

Second, we often expect immediate, see-able, measure-able, hallelujah-able results when our artistic creation is first presented for viewing…and if that doesn’t happen, in just that way, we assume the creation (or our attempt to create) has “failed.” I had one creative artist who was ready to throw away her pen-and-pencil drawing, but was persuaded to take it home and ask God what He was saying, through the artwork. Wow did God answer! The prophetic artwork was a personal encouragement, and she gained much insight from His response.

I am thinking of cherry trees. As beautiful as Springtime cherry trees are, in full flowery bloom, you cannot pick a pink flower, eat it, and enjoy the same satisfaction as eating a cherry. The flowers simply aren’t fruit….yet. In our artistic pursuit of Him, and of others encountering Him, we are often in the “bloom” stage…an enjoyable stage of growth, but not yet bearing the fruit we desire. I encourage you — don’t give up. First the bloom — then the fruit. Keep nurturing and encouraging each stage along the way.

2/12/17: Prophetic Proclamations for GMF Business Owners at Valentine’s Day

valentine gifts for colorado businesses

A number of business owners in Green Mtn. Falls were encouraged by Valentines whose inner heart read, “God walks with you through every trial; He delights in who you are.”

More than encouraged by a small gift that included wrapped chocolates, these are seeds sown into every life touched…

1/26/17: The Share Love outreach and Creative Arts

Booths were set up and ready to roll for last Friday’s Ministry Fair at Joyland Church. Prophetic drawings and the prophetic words that flowed with them were both posted and on display.