Jan – March (CP)

CREATIVE PRISM ARCHIVES – January to March 2018

March 27, 2018:  Growing Testimony, Mario Lopez

I love it when artists in a wide variety of genres proclaim the name of Christ.  I used to watch Mario Lopez with one of my teenage daughters as he starred years ago in the TV sitcom, Saved by the Bell.  Now, his public proclamation of  Christ is impacting a new generation of teenagers — go, Mario!

February 9, 2018:  Meaning and Symbolism of Flowers

The handy ole’ Farmer’s Almanac online offers this great article on the subtle representation of different flowers,  message conveyed by the colors within each flower type, and even some fascinating trivia such as what it indicates to hand the flowers to another with the right or left hand, or tying of a flower ribbon on the right or left hand side when flowers are presented.  Although much of this subtle communication will not be immediately recognized by a flower recipient, it is useful information to use in prophetic flower creations, drawings, paintings, or gifts.  Interested in prophetic cooking?  The article also contains connections made to a variety of herbs.  For instance, chives represent usefulness; dill, powerful against evil.  

January 29, 2018:  Pro-Life Statement Via Fashion

According to christianheadlines.com, Christian singer Joy Villa garnered many second looks with her all-white dress whose sole adornment was “a painting of an unborn child in a womb that was painted all the colors of the rainbow.”  To see photo.  In a statement shared with Fox News, Villa said, “I’m a pro-life woman.  This year I chose to make a statement on the red carpet like I always do.  I’m all about life.”  I particularly like the fact that this young woman uses a beautiful format — truly stunning fashion style — to share a pro-life statement.  Like the impact of a lovely painting, the visual memory of the message it carries will last far beyond the Grammy winners’ names.