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FAMILY MATTERS ARCHIVES (January – March 2018)

March 27, 2018:  Will This Interesting Concept Discourage Gay Patronage?

Well, of course this incident occurred in upstate New York, where seldom is heard a Conservative word…as the New York Supreme Court Appellate division upheld a previous NY Division of Human Rights judgment against a Christian couple who refused to hold a lesbian wedding on their ranch property, back in 2012.  The couple, Cynthia and Robert Gifford, were fined a total of $13,000 in fines and “damages” since then.  Their response?  As reported in faithwire.com, the Giffords now publish the fact that “they will not reject anyone from hosting a wedding on their premises…however… a portion of their money will be donated to organizations that actively campaign for the promotion of Biblical marriage between a man and woman…”

March 14, 2018:  To Parents of Young Children — Even Elijah Got Overwhelmed, Exhausted, Depressed

I discovered this short article and really loved its practical encouragement.  Writer Anna Joy Lowell writes a delightful piece on taking care of yourself, connecting your busy life with God’s strength, and applying principles God used to minister to Elijah in your life.  Enjoy!


February 21, 2018:  Kris Vallotton’s Powerful Blog on Women’s Destinies in the Church

Kris makes more than one fascinating point in this blog.  I love his phrase, “Jesus founded the Women’s Liberation movement,” pointing out that against cultural norms, Jesus taught women, spoke to them in public, and included them in His closest circles of friends.  Well worth reading.

February 6, 2018:  Turning a Superbowl Loss Into a Teachable Moment

I am a great believer in maximizing “teachable moments” with kids and occasionally even adults.  Tom Brady’s (Patriots) wife, model Gisele Bundchen, did exactly that with their kids, as reported by foreverymom.com, after the Patriots’ loss to the Eagles.  This is a quick read that provides a reminder that in any competition, there are winners and losers, and an expanded perspective can often be a step forward in maturity.   As an interesting side note regarding the Superbowl, read Nick Foles’ public reaction of giving glory to God for the victory and his MVP status.


January 1, 2018:  Kindness Revealed, One Selfie at a Time

I actually read this article a couple weeks after the “dangerous apps” article came into my email, although they are both marked Jan. 1.  This article — which runs a scare-tactic title of “What Social Media and the Selfie Generation Did to My Daughter” — is actually quite fascinating and the attempt to draw in readers via the negative headline actually does it a disservice, in my opinion.  No generalizations, but a couple of interesting points are made and worth considering.

January 1, 20186 Dangerous Phone Apps You Should Check For

In an article titled, “Not just Snapchat,” the author lists 6 additional phone apps parents should keep an eye out for because they spell potential bad news for your youth.  Some of the apps are described as “being around a long time, but some parents still don’t know,” while others are relatively new.  Check out this information!