2018 Jan – Dec (NV)


September 6, 2018:  Report on Pro-Life Pregnancy Center Saving Both Lives and Money

This is a quick-reading, very interesting article that not only discusses interesting statistics, but also how the model of a “pro-life counseling center” was developed.  According to christianheadlines.com, research-gathering firm Charlotte Lozier Institute (affiliated with the pro-life Susan B. Anthony List) recently released a substantial report that details how “pro-life pregnancy centers across the nation provided free services to 2-million people and saved communities $161 million in costs in 2017.”  The article also quotes that “400,100 free ultrasounds were administered, registered nurses and medical sonographers contributed 400,100 hours of free services last year and 679,000 free pregnancy tests were given out last year.”

August 31, 2018:  Revealing Human Weakness Now…Or Later?

This little editorial piece from author/personality Bill O’Reilly points out the really pervasive issue of public slander occurring over social media…without consequence, most of the time, to anyone except the one being slandered.  I feel his point is well taken:  Is anyone any longer safe from the tarnish of assumptive-truth — when there are no facts to actually substantiate the portrayal offered?  One of his points:  “If great men like Franklin Roosevelt and John Kennedy were alive today, they never could have governed.”  A quick read worth pondering!

August 29, 2018:  President Trump Hosts Dinner for Evangelicals, Also Issues Concern Regarding Midterm Elections

This is a very interesting article.  The dinner was hosted 8/27, a night I worked and so missed the news.  I don’t know if it received any/much coverage or not, but it’s my opinion that this President has been so singularly pro-Christian (as well as pro-religious freedom) that it should have been shared through many outlets.  Even as Trump praised the pastors/leaders for their good works in their respective communities, he also urged them “to make sure all of your people vote,” according to christianheadlines.com.  He continued with the warning, “If they don’t, we’re going to have a miserable two years and we’re going to have, frankly, a very hard period of time…”  In addition, I have included a video from Lance Wallnau regarding an apparent continuation of concern for the Christian community, expressed by President Trump.

August 24, 2018:  Former KKK and Nazi, Now denouncing Hate Groups

These are the testimonies I love to read….men or women with a heart of Saul, who become “transformed into Paul’s” so God may use them in radical ways….Do you remember Ken Parker from last year’s Charlottesville white nationalist rally?  According to christianheadlines.com, Parker’s heart transformation began soon after the rally with a conversation he shared with filmmaker Deeyah Khan, who was making a documentary on hate groups.  The respect he was shown in their time together started Parker questioning his reasons to hate.  He later chose to interact with his black neighbor, Willliam McKinnon III, at a community BBQ.  McKinnon is quoted as saying, “God was working on his heart that day when he came to the table that day, it was divine.”

July 30, 2018:  Jeff Sessions:  “We Have Not Only the Freedom to Worship, but the Right to Exercise Our Faith.”

At one time, anyone in America making that statement would have been stating an obvious situation.  While announcing the creation of a new Justice Department Religious Task Force, Attorney General Jeff Sessions pointed out, “In recent years, the cultural climate in this country…has become less hospitable to people of faith.  Many Americans have felt that their freedom to practice their faith has been under attack.”

July 20, 2018:  Who Pays Attention to Theology?  More People than You Think

According to christianheadlines.com, “Most churchgoers will put up with a change in music style or a different preacher, but they will choose to leave a church if the foundational beliefs are tampered with.”  This article reports the results of a new survey from Lifeway Research.

July 4, 2018:  Gender-Neutral Language Regarding God Changing the Episcopal Church Book of Prayers?

I was quite surprised to come across this article on theblaze.com:  “The Episcopal Church will consider whether to add gender-neutral language regarding God to its Book of Common Prayer at its 79th General Convention, which starts Thursday (7/5) in Austin, Texas.  The debate s centered on making sure that the faith’s prayer book is clear that God, the supreme being, is genderless.”  The last revision took place 39 years ago.  Among the more unusual potential additions to the Book is “A Christian’s duty to conserve the earth” and “A ceremony to celebrate the adoption of a transgender person’s new name.”  I am not sure what to comment…read it for yourselves, folks!

May 24, 2018:  California Judge Rules in Favor of Christian Baker

County Superior Court Judge David Lampe is quoted by faithwire.com as stating, “The right to freedom of speech under the First Amendment outweighs the State’s interest in ensuring a freely accessible marketplace…the right of freedom of thought guaranteed by the First Amendment includes the right to speak, and the right to refrain from speaking.  Sometimes the most profound protest is silence.”  Tastries Bakery, owned by Cathy Miller, declined to create a wedding cake for a lesbian couple in 2017.  The Supreme Court continues to review a similar court case involving Colorado baker Jack Phillips and Masterpiece Cake Shop, dating back to 2012.

May 18, 2018:  President Draws Distinction Between “Abortion” and “Family Planning” in Title X Funding

I hope this moves forward!  According to breakingchristiannews.com, “The White House says this is part of the Trump Administration’s policy to protect the unborn and also make sure taxpayers don’t support the abortion industry.”

March 2,2018:  Commercial Surrogacy Moves Forward in Washington State

OK, I admit that I have am not familiar with the phrase “commercial surrogacy,” although I partly guessed its meaning through simple word definition.  Rarely do I use the word “heinous,” but that is the word that comes to my mind regarding this new policy… I see this as evil in motive, and open-ended as to its potential evil in execution.  According to Washington State 18th  District House district representative Liz Pike in her interview with christianpost.com, “This bill sets virtually no limits on the amount people will be able to sell or purchase a baby for…”  Head of the children’s rights organization THEM BEFORE US is quoted as saying, “‘When I say that we have established a global marketplace for children, I am not exaggerating — this is exactly what it is…”  This law appears to be a radical departure from Washington law, as written in Revised Code of Washington 26.26.210, which “prohibits any kind of surrogacy contract that involved monetary or other kinds of compensation that go beyond medical expenses and lawyer fees.”  Click on this link to see a state-by-state analysis of Gestational Surrogacy Law…however, it still lists Washington as a no-compensation surrogacy state.

February 21, 2018:  Donald Trump and King Cyrus Sharing Etched Busts on Silver Coin?

This is quite fascinating.  According to breakingisraelnews.com, “In gratitude to US President Donald Trump for recognizing Jerusalem as the capital…the nascent Sanhedrin and the Mikdash (Temple) Educational Center are minting a replica of the original half-shekel Biblically mandated to be donated by every Jewish male to the temple…”  Rabbi Hillel Weiss, Chairman of the Mikdash & Tsion Association, stated in an interview with that publication, “He did a great and historical deed that the Jewish people are grateful for.”  The ancient Persian King, Cyrus, allowed and facilitated the building of the Second Temple in 538 BCE.  Although not legal tender, funds from sale of the coin are intended to “help in preparations for the (Third) Temple.”  British Lord Arthur Balfour, who called for the establishment of a Jewish homeland, will be honored on the back side of the coin.

February 6, 2018:  A Pro-Religious Freedom Ruling…from California??

Well knock my socks off, I am amazed and crossing my fingers as legal cases of a similar nature — many pending an outcome for years — are continuing to be heard.   According to online christianpost.com, a judge in California ruled last week that “a Christian baker who faced losing her business because she refuses to bake cakes for same-sex weddings cannot be compelled by the state to do so.”  In addition, Superior Court Judge David Lampe cited that her decision was protected by the First Amendment and that the owner was “not the only wedding cake creator in Bakersfield,” and had offered the couple another equally-qualified baker to create their cake.  The couple had insisted that the Christian baker create the cake.  I am thinking this is very good news as the cases continue to roll out….

January 3, 2018:  FEMA Now Allowing Churches/Synagogues to Receive Disaster Relief Funds

Three Texas churches and two in Florida brought a lawsuit against FEMA for not being allowed to receive federal aid towards rebuilding from physical disaster.  Last June, the Supreme Court ruled that the first amendment “required religious groups to receive equal access to widely available public programs.”  Beginning with 2018 implementation, FEMA stated, “houses of worship will not be singled out for disfavored treatment,” as a result of its current interpretation of the Supreme Court’s.  Good news indeed, although all five churches are currently facing appeal hearings on this interpretation.