2017: Personal Notes

October 25, 2017:  A Fascinating Prophetic Word from Dr. Francis Myles Regarding Hollywood

This prophetic word really caught my eye, as it discusses the Holy Spirit “Breaking the Unholy Trinity–Entertainment Industry, Media, and Government.”  Dr. Myles first referenced John 4:3-7, regarding Jesus and the Samaritan Woman.  Then his word began, “Hollywood is my Samaritan woman.  She has been drinking from a polluted well that has polluted the minds of young and old…but even as it was in the days of old when I had need to pass through Samaria, I have a need in this season to pass through Hollywood to claim My Bride and quench her thirsty soul….”

October 16, 2017:  Christian Baker Jack Phillips Asked to Make Birthday Cake for Satan with Upside Down Cross

OK, my first thought — don’t these kooks know how to read a a cake mix box and make their own unusual cakes?  Of course that’s not the point.  According to Christian Post online, Christian baker and Colorado resident Jack Phillips is already legally beleaguered by his refusal to bake a cake for a gay wedding back in 2012.  Yes, the courts are still moving the case from one venue to another, with oral hearings scheduled to go before the U.S. Supreme Court in December.  This request attacks from a different angle:  religious discrimination.  Stay tuned!

September 5, 2017:  Filming of On-Site Exorcism Impacts Movie Producer

Apparently his fascination continues:  movie director William Friedkin, producer of the fictional movie The Exorcist in 1973, has produced a recently-released documentary by the same name and filmed “an actual exorcism.”  As believers with Jesus living in us, we are allowed us to free people from demonic bondage at any time, without due ceremony, pomp or circumstance.  However, this article includes interesting information regarding growing psychiatric acceptance of a spiritual dimension.


August 10, 2017:  Ancient Stone Workshop Discovered Near Ancient City of Cana

And still more archaeological info!  This is so cool!  “Israeli archaeologists have uncovered a rare 2,000-year-old stone quarry and workshop located near the ancient Galilean town of Cana, which is recorded in the Christian Gospels as the place where Jesus turned water into wine…it is possible that large stone containers of the type mentioned in the Wedding at Cana story may have been produced locally in Galilee…”

August 7, 2017:  Historic Record Confirms 53 Biblical Persons as Genuine

Oh boy, more archaeological cofirmation — I love this stuff!!  “Lawrence Mykytiuk, a Purdue University libraries professor, recently confirmed in a study that 53 figures ‘mentioned in the Bible have been identified in the archaeological record.’    Using archaeological sources and references from outside of the Bible, Mykytiuk established the existence of at least 53 people described in the Bible as confirmed by the historical record…Mykytiuk’s study is a watershed moment in the debate surrounding whether or not the Bible is historically relevant to academia and historic studies outside the realm of religion and theology.”  This article includes evidence surrounding a number of both known and unknown figures.

August 3, 2017:  Former Satanist Now Following Christ, Greater Church of Lucifer Closes Doors

When the Greater Church of Lucifer opened its doors in 2015, the pastor of Spring First Church in Houston advised his congregation “to picket the church on your knees, in prayer” — not in front of the building, with signs and slogans, as other Christians were doing.  I always find this type of testimony absolutely awesome!  When His Presence, through the power released through prayer, shatters the hold of someone intentionally aligned with the kingdom of darkness — I want to celebrate with fireworks.  

July 11, 2017:  Human Chain of People Saves Drowning Family

I had hoped for an actual photo, but you will have to use your imagination to picture this:  Roberta Ursrey was worried when her sons went out to swim on a yellow flag day (swimming not advised, but not prohibited).  She watched her sons clearly being impacted by the current, and she and other family members swam out to rescue the youngsters…only to be caught in the same conditions, themselves.  While nine Ursrey family members struggled in the water, a chain of eighty people, able to stretch 100 yards into the water, came to their rescue.

July 7, 2017:  First Known Depiction of Jonah in the Fish Unearthed in Lower Galilee

This is quite interesting!  According to timesofisrael.com, “Unprecedented depictions of the Biblical Jonah and the whale have been found at a fifth-century Roman synagogue in Israel’s Lower Galilee.  In the recently discovered mosaic, Jonah’s legs are shown dangling from the mouth of a large fish, which is being swallowed by a larger fish, which is being consumed by a third, even larger fish.  According to the team of specialists and students being led by University of North Carolina, this is the first known depiction of the story of Jonah in an ancient synagogue in Israel…”

July 3, 2017:  Fish Turning Transgender Due to Birth Control Chemicals and Cleaning Agents

This is a huge deja-vu for me....with the addition of  effects from cleaning chemicals.  Some time in the 1980’s I read a newspaper article that talked about the “feminizing effect” was having on men via the disposal of birth control chemicals into city water supplies.  It had been around 20-25 years since “the pill” began gaining wide usage and I was stunned…thinking that surely this information, if accurate, would lead to a concentrated effort to neutralize the feminizing effect on men.  This new article, from Great Britain, is very interesting on the effect birth control chemicals and cleaning agents in the water are having on fish….

June 27, 2017:  DNA Analysis Supports Biblical Post-Flood People Distribution

I really love archaeological analysis.  This short article describes how “the DNA analysis also supports the Dynastic Race Theory, which says that ancient Egyptians arrived in Egypt via Mesopotamia, conquered the Nile Valley, and established the first Egyptian dynasties.  This theory is also consistent with the Biblical account that Egypt’s early peoples came from the ancient Near East and claim Noah’s son Ham as their ancestor.”

June 19, 2017:  John McCain and Substantial George Soros Financial Connection?  

This is a really interesting article from The Daily Caller.  It reportedly can link substantial financial contributions from both George Soros and the Clinton-linked Teneo to the McCain Institute for International Leadership, a tax-exempt, non-profit foundation with assets of 8.1 million.  Why is this particularly eye-catching?  Because foreign governments have also made substantial financial contributions and McCain is currently chairman of the Senate Committee on Armed Services.  

June 11, 2017:  Can Using Mouthwash Really Raise Blood Pressure?

This article is one of those, “are you kidding me?” kind of articles.  Premise:  antibacterial mouthwash eliminates not just bacteria that causes bad breath, but also the ‘good bacteria’ in your mouth that helps your body produce nitrous oxide, an important component in healthy blood veins.  I’m going to have to think about this!

June 7, 2017:  840 Bible Verses Later, $100,000 Richer

The ninth annual National Bible Bee competition ended on June 7, resulting in participating contestants memorizing 840 Bible verses, and the top winner acquired a $100,000 prize.  This is a fun article that just made me smile.  How cool!  Christian actor and producer Kirk Cameron hosts the competition.

May 31, 2017:  Sudden Onset of Uterine Cancer, Prayer Vigil, and Healing

Co-pastor Carol Waisanen asked the question “Have you ever gone through a trial and felt like you were staggering?  When everything looks impossible–dead–can you still say you believe in the impossible?”  That same evening, Carol began to feel sick. This testimony of God’s intervention is well worth reading.

May 18, 2017:  Barna Research Studies Why People Fight Online

This is a topic I find genuinely interesting.  Full-time employees, millennials, and Catholics appear to top those who engage in online bickering.  Interestingly, a full 25% report that arguments start between the original post-er and strangers who comment. 

May 11, 2017:  A Fed-Exxed Toddler?

This is a great feel-good article.  Jesse and Nick Faris’ adopted daughter Brooklyn was finally being called for a life-saving liver transplant…the came the news that every flight from Memphis to Chicago had been canceled due to a severe blizzard.  Enter two riders in white hats, riding out of the sunset and into the Faris’ situation:  St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital and FedEx.

April 18, 2017:  Disney World Launching ‘Stars Wars’ Luxury Resort in 2019

This is a pretty amazing endeavor.  Although a Disney fan for years, I have been less than enchanted with the corporation’s political focus and support over the last decade. Basically, this project is a resort hotel designed to look like a Star Wars spaceship, and currently in the concept art stage.

April 15, 2017:  Granddaughter Ashley painted…and painted…and painted at the Reflections of Light face-painting booth during Joyland’s Ute Pass Easter Egg Hunt. Granddaughter Kayla helped at least “a zillion” toddlers toss the big rings over the cow legs or tail in our Toddler Room Cow Toss Game.

April 4, 2017:  I really am a Biblical archaeology buff.  This article on 3,000-year-old donkey dung validating the existence of King Solomon’s copper mines in an area previously thought to house “nomads” is an interesting tidbit.

April 2, 2017:  Headline, “Black Lives Matter Just Banned White People

Really?  What a way to promote the “equality” many BLM proponents state is a goal. Apparently a new phrase has been born…”Black-only space.”  Now correct me if I’m wrong….but wasn’t “black-only” signage considered an insult and determined to be unconstitutional in decades past?  Cannot imagine Martin Luther King, Jr., would approve.  Speechless, really. 


January 26, 2017:  Granddaughter Kayla played her oboe at Joyland last Friday, representing creativity-in-outreach and magnifying Him through the arts, at the Ministry Fair.  

January 26, 2017:  If you have a Facebook or Twitter account, log in to Kimberly Johnson (of Bethel-Redding, Bob & Kimberly Johnson Ministries) and read her lovely post that began with her six-year-old’s question, “What is racism?”  As the white adoptive mother of Ellie, who is black, Kimberly shares a heart of humility and privilege as she discusses her role.

January 26, 2017:  An interesting article regarding “need” and provision, by Dawn Scott Damon:  “…There have been times when I felt as if my needs were outweighing God’s supply.  Of course that’s ridiculous, but feelings aren’t always logical.  Then again, I realize my sense of need is exactly what God is looking for.  Need drives me to my knees…in that posture, I recognize seeking God is part of the process that unlocks the provision He has already made…”  Read more

January 12, 2017:  I enjoyed reading one of Lee Grady’s first 2017 blogs, entitled 6 Roadblocks That will Stop Your Spiritual Growth.  His numbers one and two really hit me:  first, lack of spiritual hunger. He points out that at a time when David was in a tough situation, “he fanned the flames of spiritual fervor” when his emotions did not line up with the desire to do so.  Second, plain old laziness.  That speaks for itself…and, quite often, for us, as well.  Enjoy Grady’s entire article.