2 Corinthians 5:20: “We are ambassadors for Christ, as though God were making an appeal through us; we beg you on behalf of Christ, be reconciled to God.” Ambassadors are considered a “top-ranking official” representing their country of origin to those in the foreign land.  Paul reminded his followers in Philippians 3:20, “For our citizenship is in heaven.”

We are –right here and now — sojourners on this earth, a foreign land that yearns for heaven’s touch to be released through us.  Jesus indwells us, and we are in Christ.  Our feet and hands represent His feet and hands.  We are Jesus’ and the Father’s top-ranking officials in sharing His love, presence, and good news of Christ “reconciling the world to Himself.” (2 Cor. 5:19)

Recommending:   Heart of the King Ministries — Gene & Robin Willis ministering in Honduras.

IMG_4639Gene had a vision that God was directing HKM to find and minister to “the lost man” in Honduras.  There are many active Christian children’s and family ministries in Honduras, and they are making a significant impact on the people they reach.  But the Lord gave a specific image to Gene, which he and Robin continue to actively pursue.  To learn more and consider blessing this country with your prayers and support, visit Heart of the King Ministries.  They will be returning to the States at different times,  and if you would like them to share at your church or Bible study, leave them a message at the link listed above.  (Gene & Robin, center)


August 14, 2019:  Call for Prayer Over Hong Kong shares Cindy Jacobs’ call for prayer over the continued rioting in Hong Kong.  After arriving at the Hong Kong airport Aug. 12, Jacobs’ heart was broken and she felt God sharing several scriptures and points of insight for prayer over this city.  She reportedly shared, “We need to pray for the Hong Kong government to exercise wisdom, we need to pray for those young protesters to feel that they have been heard.   There needs to be God’s solution, not a human solution…”  She felt impressed that one of the pivotal scriptures the Lord was sharing was Malachi 4:6, as she said, “‘I had a vision while praying in the spirit, of angels rising up from the ashes through concerted prayers, Malachi 4:6, ‘The hearts of the fathers must turn towards the sons and daughters in order for the land to be healed…'”

August 9, 2019:  Richland County, South Carolina, Institutes “Prayer Zone” Signs Around Schools

According to, “As students and parents prepare for a new school year in Richland County…they will be greeted by a sign different than usual:  one inviting them to pray.”  The brainchild of Christ Teens founder Vanessa Frazier,  the sign shows stick figures of a boy and a girl in different postures associated with prayer.  Diamond-shaped signs are erected on the private property of nearby churches.  Frazier is quoted as hoping the signs “will create a wall of prayer around the schools.”

July 2, 2019:  Church in Michigan Partners With Nonprofit, Eliminate Medical Debt for Nearly 1900 Families

As reported by, “Nearly 2,000 in Michigan have no idea that within a week, all their medical debts will be paid off thanks to Grand Rapids First Church in Wyoming, Michigan…the church partnered with an organization called RIP Medical Debt…”  According to the Grand Rapids First Church Pastor, Sam Rijfkogel, the choice of recipients was purely random.  “We don’t know who these people are,” he explained.  What an awesome testimony to build within a community!


May 6, 2019:  Abby Johnson of Pro-life Organization States One-to-Two Abortion Workers Leaving Industry Daily

With the release of the movie “Unplanned” and events such as Focus on the Family’s “Alive in New York,” peoples’ eyes are being opened regarding the truth and fiction regarding abortion.  The nonprofit And Then There Were None – Prolife Outreach is reported by as “needing prayer” as hundreds of abortion industry workers are turning to ATTWN for the “financial, emotional, spiritual and legal support to anyone wishing to leave the abortion industry.”  Johnson is quoted as saying, “There is a lot of burnout in the abortion industry because promoting death is exhausting.”

May 5, 2019:  Recollection of Woman Present at “Alive from New York” Pro-Life Rally Sponsored by Focus on the Family

OK, I looked for it…by chance, did you?  I searched for post-rally information on the Focus on the Family’s live ultrasound photos on billboards in New York City….and I found virtually nothing!  I found articles on how billboard companies would not allow FOF to rent billboards…articles on whether or not FOF would even be allowed to set up their own billboards…and NOTHING on whether or not the event actually took place.  This experience is echoed by a participant named “Caralyn,” who reports that just following the ultrasound photo, “Times Square was Silent.”     Of note: shared an article on the 10,000-plus attendee event on May 6.


February 26, 2019:  Counterfeit:  Claims from ‘Christian Witches’ Will Confuse Many

This entry goes under a unique and peculiar heading — these representatives are un-ambassadors for Christ.  According to, “Reverend Valerie Love is preparing to host the first ‘Christian witches’ convention in Salem, Massachusetts, this April.”  In one of the 15 books written by Love, her 2013 release quotes her as stating, “I love my cross and my wand.  I consult my Tarot deck and my Bible.  I adore and am devoted to Christ and my Goddess.”  Uh-oh — for starters, anyone ever hear Jesus say, “No one can serve two masters”? (Matt. 6:24)  Raised under Jehovah’s Witness teachings, her claim of being “sent here by God for God’s good purpose” is inextricably interwoven with the practice of casting spells and other practices linked to witchcraft. 

February 16, 2019:  Franklin Graham and Will Graham Share the Gospel on Two Continents

This is really fun to think about…Rev. Franklin Graham is currently finishing up a multi-city tour in Australia mirroring the same cities visited and preached in by his father, Billy Graham, 60 years ago.  Grandson Will Graham just completed a three-day outreach in Manila, Philippines.

February 13, 2019:  Live 4-D Ultrasounds Planned to Light Up New York City’s Times Square on May 4, 2019

Well this is certainly a creative and ambitious endeavor!  According to, “Focus on the Family is gearing up to blast live ultrasounds on monitors and screens across Times Square” on May 4.  Focus on the Family president Jim Daly is quoted as stating, ‘We’ll have great speakers.  We’re going to have music, but we’re also going to do a live ultrasound of a third-trimester baby.”  Daly also is quoted as saying, ‘This isn’t adversarial.  Let’s just take a position.  Let’s see what an ultrasound looks like.'”  Sounds to me like a worthy event to be supporting in prayer!


January 8, 2019:  “Amazing Love Festival” Already Forging New Unity Among Bangkok Churches

According to, Amazing Festival Director Derek Forbes shared that “God’s bringing unity to this city for the churches to work together like never before…the churches were so concerned about working with each other.  They’re realizing they can trust the Lord.  It’s a beautiful thing.”  The Amazing Love Festival is scheduled for January 19-20, with Rev. Franklin Graham sharing.  Dr. Graham has been in Thailand multiple times with Samaritan’s Purse, as humanitarian aid was shared in Thailand.  He preached in the country for the first time in 2013, and his grandson Will Graham taught in the island of Phuket at the end of 2018, where 600 reportedly decided to follow Jesus.


December 21, 2018:  Brazil Elects First Christian President, Pastors Fly to Brasilia to Pray

According to, Jair Bolsonaro was confirmed as president-elect the end of October, and earlier this month, “Mario Bramnick, president of the Latino Coalition for Israel led a team of evangelical leaders to meet with the President Elect as well as Brazilian political and religious leaders in Brasilia…” for the purpose of prayer and encouragement.  Bramnick is later quoted as saying, “we strongly believe the hand of God is upon president Bolsonaro and that God has a tremendous purpose for the future of Brazil.”


November 29, 2018:  Extraordinary Events in Ohio Lead Back to Pastoral Leadership

This is an exciting article! reports “The Bible is coming to life beyond belief in the heartland of the Buckeye state.  Clergymen from Richland County, Ohio, are reclaiming the nexus between church and state and proving they are the juggernaut that can bring social change to their region.”  This report of “pastors working in tandem” through prayer, action and unity provides insight seldom reported.

November 12, 2018:  “Blessing Friday” Offered as Alternative to Black Friday

I love this concept, and they way it has been organized among so many different fellowships located in different states.  “Blessing Friday,” defined on, opens many church doors to volunteers who want to “fill and wrap Christmas shoeboxes,” which will then be distributed to diverse groups of recipients.  Other activities such as serving food, continuing to assist Hurricane Harvey victims, in Texas, and offering help to local homeless shelters are among additional activities planned.  Founder Chuck Fox is quoted as saying, “Starting your Christmas celebration with service changes how you experience the holidays.”


October 24, 2018:  Prayers Prevented the Working of Evil

I chanced upon this reprinted article in and found it quite interesting.  Former satanist priest John Ramirez described his encounters with non-praying/praying Christians as he went about disruptive activities:  “I was able to go in there…and take a stand and a position in the spirit realm against the Christians that were not praying…but when Christians did pray, I found it created some sort of spiritual block, preventing me from engaging in evil activities…”  Read the whole article!

October 1, 2018:  Faith-based groups Step Up in Carolinas Tragedy reports that the Salvation Army, as of Sept. 26, had “provided over 244,000 meals, 188,000 drinks, 128,000 snacks, and  290 cleanup kits.”  Also on the scene providing prayer, support, practical help, and supplies:  Salvation Army, Samaritan’s Purse, Convoy of Hope, Southern Baptist Disaster Relief, and United Methodist Committee on Relief.


September 22, 2018:  “Regardless of the Hostility, I Plan to Preach the Word of God in Blackpool”

Statements like this are truly inspiring, reflecting a sentiment of heart shared by those who share the Gospel, from small-town park encounters, to that phrase spoken by Dr. Franklin Graham prior to addressing many thousands in Blackpool, England.  Asking for prayer that “Many will turn to Jesus Christ and find the hope and peace that only He can give,” Graham visited the 1982 site where his father, Billy Graham, addressed a Blackpool crowd.

September 8, 2018:  Abandoned Chinese Baby Girl Now Sings About God’s Love

This is a really great testimony.  Jeremiah 29:11 states, “I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans for welfare and not for calamity to give you a future and a hope.”  This once-abandoned Chinese baby girl has become an Ambassador of God’s love and goodwill on a nationwide scale.  God’s rescue and provision for this child will make you smile and ponder His question, “Is anything too difficult for Me?” (Jer. 32:27)

September 4, 2018:  Christian Cheerleaders Encourage Players With Bible Verses, Win Court Case

When I first read about this idea for on-field encouragement, I thought it was great!  The Freedom From Religion Foundation found enough fault with it, however, that it filed a lawsuit in 2012 to try and prevent its implementation.  This is really interesting — and good for these cheerleaders and schools for following through on the process.  What a truly creative and positive!  According to, “The dispute began in 2012, when middle school and high school cheerleaders at public schools in Kountze, Texas, began writing Bible verses on run-through banners as a way to inspire the athletes.”  You will enjoy this brief article.


May 18, 2018:  World’s Largest Pillow Fight and Proclaiming the Name of Jesus

I wish I had been there — wow!  According to, “More than 45,000 gathered in the U.S Bank Stadium to worship at PULSE Twin Cities” on Friday, May 18.  Reportedly, over 8,800 people “responded to the Gospel.”  Over 750 churches partnered to assist in this free-to-the-public event.  PULSE founder Mike Hall is quoted as stating, “We’re filling stadiums and declaring the name of Jesus because He alone is worthy, and can use anyone willing to say yes.”  Mike Lindell, founder and CEO of My Pillow, donated over 70,000 pillows through the course of the evening, resulting in this particular pillow fight receiving the Guinness World Record for the largest pillow fight ever recorded.  Next PULSE event:  Oct. 20-21 at Texas Motor Speedway, and will be called Together 2018.

May 9, 2018:  Jockey on Justify Gives Thanks to God After Kentucky Derby Win

Well, this is fun!  Jockey Mike Smith won the 144th Kentucky Derby and is immediately quoted  by as saying, “I want to thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for this blessing on this afternoon and blessing us with this amazing horse.”  I think what I like about Smith’s comments and his testimony to the world is that, yes, Smith has persevered through hard times; yes, the horse Justify is described as “exceptional” — but in spite of these two seen-in-the-natural truths, there is an acknowledgement of blessing, destiny, and the active hand of God at work in peoples’ lives.

May 3, 2018:  Video Testimony of Recent Healings

I love the healing touch of the Holy Spirit.  Che Ahn of HRock Church shares three recent healing miracles, two shared by healing recipients.  An encouraging reminder that all of us, as His ambassadors, serve a generous God who asks us to reach out to others and let Him do what He does best — the miraculous.