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September 12, 2019:  Prophetic Vision of President as “Bloodied scapegoat” and Call to Prayer

Let me state up front that yes, I know this little article ends as a book sale promotion.  I am taking no position on whether or not the book should be ordered.  However, I am interested in the description of the 2020 prayer strategy being recommended by its author, Dr. Francis Myles.  As shared on, Dr. Myles stated that he “saw a goat with innocent eyes who was covered with blood.”  The Lord then revealed “‘This strategy that the enemy’s about to use against Trump to stop him from having another four years is a double-edged strategy…because this time, it’s coming from the underworld and the political establishment.’  I said, ‘what do you mean?’  He said to me, a sacrifice has been made in the demonic world, and the new strategy is going to make Donald Trump bloody — the bloodiest president in American history.,,they are going to make him the scapegoat for every bloodshed that happens in America ’til 2020.'”  This link includes a video clip, as well.

September 7, 2019:  AI  Programmed for Mindreading?

OK, I find this whole concept weird, distasteful, and too science-fictiony for comfort.  But a part of me also feels like I am a horse-and-buggy owner jumping out of the way of a mechanical monstrosity coming down my country road in 1910…I may wonder why in the world anyone would choose the noise and inconvenience of a mechanical “wagon” over the benefits of a friendly, reliable horse….and yet sensing that I have seen a glimpse of the future, despite my doubts and sense of foreboding.  Did you know there was a second World Artificial Intelligence Conference recently held in Shanghai (China) the end of August?  According to, the Conference “saw Alibaba’s Chairman Jack Ma and Tesla CEO Elon Musk clashing over the future of AI.” I did a little research, and different points of view as to “high points” of their conversation and conclusions are covered by multiple sources, including, and

The focus of this article shared by, however, involves an interview with Slavoj Zizek, described as a “philosopher,” though his day job is “senior researcher at the Institute for Sociology and Philosophy at the University of Ljubljana” (located in Slovenia).  His particular research focuses on “wired brains,” specifically “the possibility of our brains being connected with strong digital machines.”  While Zizek states that MIT in Massachusetts is doing similar research, he points out that “The primitive level machines can already read our thoughts.”  Zizek raises several interesting (and frightening) points as this science continues to develop.  It certainly changed my concept as to how far this technology has already advanced.

August 23, 2019:  Four Well-Known Companies with Christian Themes in Their Mission Statement

I found this little article tucked at the bottom of several others on  I found it both interesting and encouraging.  Why, encouraging?  By reading or watching current events, it’s pretty easy to believe that any “Christian company” must constanty endure lawsuits as part of daily operating procedure.  It is encouraging to see businesses thriving with far less stress and controversy.


July 31, 2019:  Muslim Workers Hide and Protect Christian Co-Workers

This is the type of story, and type of heroism, which I suspect is far more widespread than most people realize…because it isn’t publicized.  According to, a group of non-local Christian construction workers were building a government hospital in Kenya when “locals were reportedly warned about an imminent Al-Shabaab attack.”  The response of Muslim locals was to quick evacuate the workers from the site, taking them to a safer location.  The Muslim rescuers then confronted the gunmen, and although some Al-Shabaab members opened fire, no one was injured and they left with no deaths and no prisoners.

July 1, 2019:  Interesting Link Between Worship Song and Trump’s Visit to DMZ in North Korea

This is quite fascinating.  As President Trump’s off-the-cuff visit with Kim Jung Un materialized, published this interesting prophetic connection between a Sean Feucht song of a few years ago and current events.  A fun quick read!


June 15, 2019:  The President of the United States Really Can’t Have Air Force One Painted Red-White-and-Blue?

I found this content on  a few different websites and found the restriction so absolutely ridiculous, I’m sharing the information here.  Have you seen President’s Trump proposals for the next-generation Air Force One presidential jet?  According to the right-leaning, the new AF1 would begin service in 2024, at the very end of a second Trump term, were he to be re-elected.  But let not the facts interrupt any governmental discussion.  The site reported that Joe Courtney (D-2nd District) introduced a bill requiring any “interior, paint, and fixtures” costs be approved by Congress before they could proceed.  With the Bill passing the House along strict party lines, Courtney alleged part of his concern was that “additional paint can add weight to the plane” and that the plane needed to continue its white-and-sky-blue color motif to “remain traditional.”  “Traditional?”  Are you kidding me?  Does America fly a white-and-sky-blue American flag I’ve overlooked all these years?  No — but a little research did provide perhaps a more practical reason-behind-the-reason:  according to a historically-based article used for advertising flight miles, “The current Air Force One colors are one of the legacies of John F. Kennedy.”

June 12, 2019:  Vermont Joins Ranks of States Allowing Up-to-Birth-Abortion

According to, “Vermont Governor Phil Scott, a Republican, signed an extreme pro-abortion bill into law on Monday, permitting abortions to be performed up until the moment of  birth in the state for any reason whatsoever…notably, young girls of any age will not be required to seek parental consent before having an abortion.”   The other states already allowing such provision:  Alaska, Colorado, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, Oregon, New York, District of Columbia.


May 17, 2019:  Man States “He Is the 1%” Used to Justify Abortion…Thankful His Mother Chose Life

I wish more testimonies of this nature were published.  Co-founder of The Radiance Foundation Ryan Bomberger is quoted by as stating, “My biological mother was raped, yet she rejected the violence of abortion.  I was adopted and loved, instead.  I’m not the ‘residue of the rapist’ as Senator Vivian Davis Figures described those like me who were conceived in rape…my birthmom needed an active Healer in her life not an activist huckster.”  Bomberger lists numerous friends and acquaintances conceived through rape and asks the question, “Who really are the extremists here?  Those who think that every human being has the right to life?”  Powerful and compelling reading!

May 10, 2019:  Kris Vallotton Asks:  Are You Believing This Destructive Lie About the End of the World?

The attached link is a great post from Kris.  One of his key points is this:  “People speak of darkness as if it is the most dominant force in the world; as if darkness is forcing light out of the world.  But nothing could be further from the truth!  It’s light that is stalking the darkness!”  We so easily conform to the deception the world presents.  This is a great article to read and to ponder.


April 16, 2019:  Christian University Petitioned to Dis-invite VP Mike Pence From Commencement Speech?

OK, I think this is really quite puzzling…according to, Taylor University was founded in 1846 and considers itself “a premier, nondenominational, Christian liberal arts university and the number one college in the Midwest.”  A Taylor graduate of 12 years ago (2007), Alex Hoestra, is currently affiliated with and started a Dis-invite Pence petition — which has received 4,000 signatures from current students.  As Rev. Franklin Graham stated in his response, “What are these people smoking?”  I’m sharing a chuckle here…but prime reasons were largely summed up by a “guilty by association” mindset.   Dissenters did not accept and laud VP Pence’s Christian witness in the White House and as a representative across the world, but instead considered him disqualified by his role of vice president to Donald Trump and Trump’s policies.  UPDATE:  Yes, dozens of students and faculty did indeed walk out of the commencement speech, according to  Unbelievable.

April 4, 2019:  Second Temple Period Structures Unearthed in Beersheva

Fresh archaeological finds.  I do so love this stuff!!  According to, a “Second Temple period settlement in the town of Beersheva” has been uncovered, dating “from the 1st century AD until the Bar-Kokhba Revolt against the Roman Empire in 135 AD.”  Among the artifacts unearthed is an ancient menorah, judged as “probably”one of the earliest ever discovered.


March 14, 2019:  1700 Year Old Inscription Identifies Elusa, Possible Location of Ziklag

According to, “German and Israeli scientists discovered a 1700-year-old stone bearing the name of a city believed to be the possible location of an ancient Biblical town….UNESCO (United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization) declared Elusa a World Heritage site.  The city is one of two potential locations for the Biblical city of Ziklag.”

March 3, 2019:  “Queering the Bible” — Are You Quidding Me?

OK, so I missed this article that actually came out on Feb. 20…but its subject matter seems worth mentioning, even a couple weeks later.  “Contend earnestly for the faith which was once for all handed down to the saints.” (Jude 1:3)   According to, “An increasing number of colleges and universities in the United States are training college students to read the Bible from an LGBT perspective…Swarthmore College offers a course entitled ‘Queering God: Feminist and Queer Theology.'”  This course self-describes that it “seeks to stretch the limits of gendering-and-sexing-the divine” (yes, that would refer to God–Father, Son and Holy Spirit).  I would like to think these schools are just “quidding around”, but not likely.  Spencer Brown of Young America Foundation pointed out, “these classes advance a liberal agenda, malign conservatives and their values, and shut out ideological diversity.”


February 28, 2019:  Trump Schmooze Not Golden This Time Around

In general, I agree with those who say President Trump has “good instincts” regarding foreign policy decisions and strategies.   However, as a follower of info regarding persecuted Christians, I have truly winced at many of trump’s overly-glowing references towards Dictator Kim, leading up to the stalemated North Korean Summit.  Trump’s comments seriously gloss over Kim Jung Un’s heinous actions, policies and attitudes towards his own people.  I understand that the “schmooze” of superficial camaraderie can pave the way to accomplish a bigger, genuinely noble goal…but this time it seems to me that the dictator has gained far more “regular guy” credibility than deserved, possibly undermining Trump’s credibility among American Koreans and others.  In a Trump-critical editorial, journalist/author Ben Shapiro discusses this overall topic.

February 22, 2019:  Spirits of Murder Continue to Move Among the States

That may seem like a radical headline, but it ties in to a prophetic word/dream published via, earlier in February, written by Jeremiah Johnson In this dream, Johnson entered a factory, labeled “House of Horror” and saw rows of cribs.  Then in the cribs he “saw very small fetuses with snakes wrapped around them…Then came a booming, loud, and fatherly voice that said, ‘Let My babies go.'”  Following this, Johnson heard the Lord say, “This House of Horror and the houses like this are what have My full attention in this hour.  The snakes that you see are the spirits of murder that are killing off the next generation.”  

The prophetic word was published a couple of weeks ago but it came to my mind when I read a headline stating that the state of Vermont is passing a “staggering abortion bill”…which made me ask, what would be more staggering than abortion allowed up to the point of birth, as already passed by New York?   According to, the “staggering” part is rooted in the legislation’s total lack of justification regarding safety or health of the mother.  This legislation was pending at the time of the Feb. 8 news link, below, but has now passed by a vote of 106 to 36.  Think about that — 106 to 36.  That, alone, is “staggering” in my mind.  That, even in the face of a recent poll conducted with a partnership between Americans United for Life and YouGov, which revealed that 80% of Americans polled “reject abortion the day before a child is born” and 66% of respondents identifying as “pro-choice” reject abortion “in the third trimester.”

February 18, 2019:  Pro-Life Woman Warns That ‘Heartbeat Bills’ Will Not Protect as Intended

Well this is certainly an eye-opening article from a pro-life woman who warns that stop-abortion ‘Heartbeat Bills’ are deceptively easy to derail when actually applied.  Why?  According to this article published by,  Wording in many of the bills requires the abortionist about to perform the abortion to do the check for a heartbeat…hardly an objective source of verification.

February 17, 2019:  “Terrorist Recruitment Center” in America Located…in Minnesota???

OK, no political commentary coming, just total amazement at this fact.  So much amazement, in fact, I thought it would be worthwhile to share the info with others.  Published by the, journalist Ryan Saavedra points out that “Minnesota’s 5th Congressional District, represented by Rep. Ilhan Omar (D), is the terrorist recruitment capitol of the United States, according to FBI statistics.”  This is a really interesting article.  Other things I learned:  This is primarily a Somali-American demographic, currently 100,000 strong, which has been documented since 2007-2008.

February 8, 2019:  America Helps Fund Abortions in Latin America, Too?

OK, perhaps my naivete is hanging out more than usual….but I am genuinely surprised that American tax dollars are being sent to fund two pro-abortion entities in Latin America — and although there is a 1981 law on the books prohibiting such support, reports “The law is ‘currently not being properly enforced by the U.S. Dept. of State’…”  Nine U.S. Senators have “sent a letter to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in December demanding an end to public funding to two organizations that promote abortion in Latin America.”

February 8, 2019:  More Horrific Legislation — What’s Up?

My recent blog discusses the abortion-to-the-point-of-birth legislation recently passed by New York but voted down in Virginia, despite the Governor’s staunch and carefully-worded approval.  Are pro-death politicians sensing “something new” in the air?  Perhaps it is President Trump’s increasingly aggressive defense of the unborn/newborn and helpless, plus his active participation in returning/reinforcing religious freedom in this country.  Perhaps it is the apparently ill health of Ruth Bader Ginsberg, which would allow for yet another Trump-appointee to enter the Supreme Court.  Whatever it is, states seem to be rushing to insure their own death-to-the-unborn legislation, which might in theory be protected from Federal rulings that would contradict a abortion-on-demand stance.  For instance, Colorado voted the legalization of marijuana while the Federal government still recognized marijuana as an illegal substance.  Same principle.  This article from describes current Vermont legislation stating “fetuses have no rights and that women who perform their own abortions cannot be prosecuted.”  Called The Freedom of Choice Act, it specifies “A fertilized egg, embryo, or fetus shall not have independent rights under Vermont law.”  Time to pray!


January 28, 2019:  Sea of Galilee Drying Up?

This is an interesting little tidbit about an issue that apparently began with the building of a British dam decades ago, but is now devastating the Sea after a prolonged regional drought.  According to, the Sea is currently “15 feet below the full line…until not so long ago, the Sea of Galilee was one of the three main natural sources that supplied water…now it hardly supplies.”  Israel is fighting back with a unique solution.

January 11, 2019:  Locusts Swarming in Mecca?  OK, I Did Laugh When I Read It

This is an interesting little note from, regarding the “pilgrimage hub” of Islam being invaded by “black grasshoppers,” requiring multiple teams and specialized pieces of equipment to try and stem the tide.  Is God making a statement?  Hmmm, have to decide for yourself!

January 2, 2019:  Mexico’s President Obrador Creates “Free Zones” Along U.S. Border

I don’t know what the actual outcome of this will be for Mexico, but I am impressed with President Obrador’s intent to implement.  It may not only achieve a stated goal of decreasing his residents’ desires to leave the country and immigrate to America, but may actually create an economic boom in Mexico, as well.   The online reported, “Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador announced last Saturday what is called the ‘Tax Incentive Decree for the Northern Border Region’ that will create a ‘free zone’ along the border with the U.S. that is 15.5 (25 kilometers) miles wide.  It encompasses nearly 2,000 miles, all the way from the Gulf of Mexico to the Pacific Coast.”  Provisions for persons/businesses in this zone include decreased income taxes, reduced Value Added Tax for imports, a 100% minimum wage boost and change in gasoline cost.


December 5, 2018:  Similar Political Pattern of Discord and Tactics in Israel and America?

This is a pretty interesting article.  Reporter Chris Mitchell of CBN quotes Middle East “expert” Caroline Glick as pointing out, “‘We see that we have some serious problems with what we call our ‘Deep State’ in Israel, where you have unaccountable clerks and public servants who stay on forever, and they have a very clear political agenda, which is not the agenda of the elected government or of the people who elected them.'”  Why I consider this parallel as significant is that it reminds me of the famous quote of disputed origin:  “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men should do nothing.”  Particularly in politics, it seems as if the “good men” band together in simply watching the process, assuming all is correct and in good faith and the best possible outcome will be achieved by following out the process.  I don’t see this thinking as reflecting the times in which we live.  The various levels of success achieved by tactics being used in America against the current president may very well be goading others in foreign nations to give a similar approach a try.  Is the vote of an individual and our ability to self-govern going to be counted as significant, or do the collective “we” simply allow political maneuvering to drown our individual voices and leave only an illusion of “freedom” and self-governance?

December 3, 2018:  Italy Applies Its Own Brand of Anti-Political Correctness

This is a quick, interesting article from  The quote that caught my attention is attributed to Valeria Alessandrini, described as “a representative of the populist Lega Party”:  “Only by respecting (our own traditions)…can we make others understand everyone is free to practice their own faiths but that it is also required they respect the history and culture of the country in which they live.”  Italy’s Education Ministry has recently granted approval to allow crucifixes and nativity scenes in the nation’s classrooms — contrary to a 2009 ruling by the European Court of Human Rights which banned crucifixes in the classrooms.


November 19, 2018:  Baltimore Longitudinal Study of Aging Shares Recommendations on Exceptional Aging

I’ll start off by saying I am no fan of yoga, so I have personally scratched off “secret number six” — although flexibility exercise and prayer can certainly be substituted. shares some interesting information from BLSA researchRecommendation #5, “Being Positive,” made me smile and actually remind myself that optimism is a trait worth fighting for!

Nov. 2, 2018:  Article Details Ukrainian Woman’s First Impressions of America

This is an interesting article published by, in which an American living in Ukraine brings his Ukrainian wife to America for the first time and as they do a sea-to-shining-sea tour, her reactions are noteworthy One key thought:  “The world is always watching us.  Always.  And there are plenty of dark forces in this world held at bay by the simple fact that America is still a dream worth fighting for.”


October 24, 2018:   Titanic II to Sail Original Titanic’s Exact Route?

This is one of those endeavors that really makes me ask….why in the world…???  Does Blue Star Line really have nothing better to do with $500-million?  According to, a $500-million replica of the Titanic is currently under construction in Dubai, and after its completion in 2022, will sail to Southampton, England, before commencing on the Titanic’s original cruise route taken in 1912.   I understand there will be beaucoup free publicity for this project…but I really think it’s just a bit creepy.

October 11, 2018:  Political Correctness Primarily Supported by Affluent, White Progressives

This is a really interesting article that shares statistics on just HOW unpopular “political correctness” really is throughout America.  Contrary to popular opinion, this article states that it is NOT poor minorities who are its primary supporters.  Worth your time to read!  I was quite surprised at its conclusions.

October 8, 2018:  Justice Kavanaugh Appoints All-Female Law Clerking Staff

This is historic.  I have mixed emotions about this, but I DO remember hearing him say during public testimony that if confirmed to the Supreme Court, he was seriously considering an all-female clerking staffWhy the mixed emotions?  I appreciate his earlier statements about women often being given less consideration for such roles, and I am impressed he has followed through with what he strongly inferred he would do.  But in a current culture that is marginalizing men (particularly conservative men) in so many ways, it does make me wince just a  bit.  Nonetheless — his resolve to “address the underrepresentation of women among law clerks” is admirable, and I do give kudos!

October 1, 2018:  Pilot Hears God’s Voice, Alters Schedule and Saves Lives

This is a fantastic testimony.  Christian pilot Icoze Mafella heard God stirring in his heart and speaking to him on two different issues; according to, the pilot felt the Lord impressed him with a need “to be quick” as they stopped at Palu, 48 miles from Central Sulawesi, on Sept. 28.  As they sped off the runway three minutes early, a massive earthquake began to shake the island.


September 23, 2018:  Woman Looks for Discount, Receives Blessing Instead

This is one of those stories that should be well-publicized and is hardly mentioned.  According to, a woman with $50 went to “the only store open” in North Carolina at the time, a particular Walmart.  With $50 in hand, she sought out the manager to see if he would offer her a discount to purchase clothes for victims of Hurricane Florence…and the  spirit of generosity from this man provides this truly wonderful testimony.

September 19, 2018:  News Flash, Sesame Street Production Company Emphasizes Bert and Ernie are NOT Gay…

Sign of the times:  how very sad that there continues to be a diminishing of close same-sex friendships without a natural assumption of sexual relationship.  The comments from writer Mark Saltzman were sparked by a mother reporting that her San Francisco toddler recently asked her if “Bert and Ernie are lovers.”  Apparently Saltzman recently stated in a recent interview with a gay magazine, “When I was writing Bert and Ernie, they were.”  As reported in, Sesame Workshop reports “They remain puppets, and do not have a sexual orientation.”

September 7, 2018:  Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison Up for Re-Election: Congregations Call Out, Pray for Australia reported that Voice of Fire Ministries Pastor Adam F. Thompson stated “I really see that the Body of Christ is going to have influence in the political arena of this nation.”  It was recently revealed that newly-elected Prime Minister Thompson “is a Pentecostal Christian — the first ever in Australian history.”  In addition, other ministries are also calling for prayer on behalf of Australia.  An interesting article.

September 6, 2018:  Archaeological Evidence Regarding Location of Sodom

I enjoy finding and sharing this information so much I really should start a Biblical Archaeology tab for people to click to!  As reported in, Dr. Steven Collins (Director of School of Archaeology, Veritas International University) recently returned from the Tall el-Hammam excavation site in Jordan with what he sees as continued verification of his original theory of Sodom’s location — to the northeast of the Dead Sea, not in the traditionally-chosen southern region.  Article was originally published by late in August; Dr. Collins co-authored a first book on the topic in 2014, titled Discovering the City of Sodom.  Check it out!


Month of August:  What a Whirlwind!Carli and Scott after kiss

Danny peering over counterFrom the Mountain Artist Art Festival to touring Rocky Mountain Park to attending my oldest daughter’s wedding and helping finish out summer with the grandkids, this month has been busy!!  My news-scouring definitely took a dip in activity!  With all the “news” about Facebook censoring conservative voices, however, I thought the results of this Media Research Center article were interesting, even intriguing. While the number of conservatives who have already left FB because they believe it is exercising selective censorship is small, at only 7.5%, under the category title, “have left Facebook or are considering leaving it” raises the number to “more than 45%.”  That’s a bunch!  Simultaneously, A Silicon Valley internet tech-guru named Steven Andrew has been building and gathering funds to set up what he is calling “the Conservative friendly internet.”  USA.Life would be the name of the new social network, while would provide a new search engine.  Will this competition to FB actually materialize?  I don’t know.  The goal for full funding is only at 25% after nearly 8 months of discussion and promotion.  However, at a full price tag of $778,000, the $200,216 raised so far is not just chump change.  It is a project I intend to support.


July 17, 2018:  Barna Group Discovers People Prefer Physical Bible to Digital Copy

This is actually a surprise to me…I personally like the “feel” of a book in my hand when I read…but many have told me that’s an “old-fashioned” preference.  I guess I’m not alone…and this short article made me chuckle!  As a side note however — I love my cell phone Bible app, and couldn’t write without Bible Gateway!

July 9, 2018:  Ancient Entrance Gate to Biblical City of Bethsaida Discovered

I have been missing news of a fresh archaeological find!  And this one is awesome!  According to, “Archaeologists have reportedly uncovered the ancient entrance gate to the Biblical city of Zer in Israel, also known as Bethsaida, which is mentioned in the New Testament as the city where Jesus fed the 5,000 with five loaves and two fish…”

July 5, 2018:  Franklin Graham Creates “Pray for 45” Shirt

This whole situation is pretty funny, but it looks like Rev. Graham’s shirt will take the day in terms of longevity.  Wal-mart online offered a selection of “Impeach 45” t-shirts which were almost immediately withdrawn from sale after a firestorm of protest.  Wal-mart reps stated the shirts were a “third party vendor” that had access to their online store, and that as a result of this, they would be reviewing their online third-party sales practices.  Rev. Graham’s “Pray for 45 (1 Timothy 2:1-2)” shirts will probably take off and be seen in stores and on folks across America.


June 27, 2018:  A Situation So Ugly You Don’t Want to Think About It

The definition of “grisly” includes “gruesome, ghastly, horrid, horrifying…” and so on.  This article describing abortionist Robert Rho’s double-murder (26-week baby and the baby’s mother) is grisly.  He is serving time for only one murder, incidentally, and it was reduced to a lesser charge due to a plea bargain.  I include it because in this age of “pro-choice” chants, it’s often easy to overlook abuses and realities in the abortion industry, of which this is one example.

June 15, 2018:  She-Became-Him and Married Him-Who-Became Her…And Now They have a Son

OK, I’ll admit it up front, the sheer weirdness-presented-as-normality of this article caught my eye and my only comment is just, WOW.  20-month-old Jaxen Sparks has a father whose birth gender was female, and a mother whose birth gender was male.  The two halted their gender-transitioning long enough to conceive a child, and have now continued onto their new genders.  This is one of the more unusual articles I have read, lately.

June 3, 2018: Heart Benefits from Drinking Coffee?

This is actually ironic because my doctor wanted me to eliminate coffee from my diet as part of high blood pressure treatment.  According to, “A new study shows a shocking 40% reduction in artery plaque build-up…apparently, drinking 3 to 4 cups of coffee a day helps your heart stay healthy while keeping you active and busy all day…”    Yes!


May 8, 2018:  Ever Hear of “Rescission”?  Trump Cancels $15.4 Billion of Previously-Passed Omnibus Spending Bill

Here is a story that should have received headlines, were there not such big news on the unemployment/North Korea/Mueller investigation front.  Apparently through a process called “rescission,” previously-passed provisions in omnibus bills such as the $1.3 trillion bill signed by the President in March, can have certain provisions defunded.  In addition, monies passed in previous omnibus bills but which remained unspent, become “expired funding.”  Some expired funding is reflected in this $15.4 billion.  Congress has 45 days to approve the spending cuts.


April 30, 2018:  Biblical King David Coming Into His Own

OK, I’m a little naive….but I thought everybody considered Biblical King David an historical figure.  Apparently not!  This new archaeological find, however, is described as “a milestone in the ongoing debate over the veracity of Biblical King David as a historical figure.”  Extremely interesting article published online by BreakingIsraelNews.

April 12, 2018:  Yom HaShoah, Holocaust Remembrance Day, Already Unremembered (or Never Learned) by Many

OK, I am a couple decades away from being considered a Millennial.  Maybe even more than a couple.  But there are some landmarks in history which cry out to never be forgotten not only because of their scope and implication, but also their impact on entire nations.   A “world war” is so designated because it involves the entire globe’s inhabitants.  The name “Auschwitz” has become representative of genocide on an unfathomable scale in both numbers and on the Brutality Barometer.  It is also representative and insgtructive of the political and cultural steps that moved forward into the creation of that place, among others.  It is troubling, then, to read that 66% of Millennials and 41% of Americans polled had no name recognition of “Auschwitz.”  Read the report from the newest Claims Conference.  Conservative columnist Ben Shapiro shares his opinion on how this lack of education may be seen in the sometimes-puzzling attitudes of younger voters.