We are a people called to intercede for God’s kingdom and blessing to be manifest in this earth. We are also called to praise Him and encourage one another. We live in the troubling time of an information-disinformation “war” and I believe Spirit-led intercession is a primary privilege and responsibility in these tough days. Jesus has prepared “good deeds” that we may walk in to accomplish great Good for His Glory and reverse great evil as it reveals itself.

The photo-enhanced Spring-Summer or Fall-Winter Journals are an ongoing work.  I hope they bring you encouragement and insight.

I hope your spirit will touch His in prayer and reflection, and you see a glimpse of His triumphs and prayerfully combat the persecutions of His followers around the world.

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General Informational Links:

To watch Mike Lindell special programs on Frank Free Speech, click here.

Medical Link: Recommendations on How to Boost Your Immune System if You Have Been Vaccinated

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(Yep, with the speed of grabbing a fast-food hamburger, but with much more meat!!……remember, these links are not contained on a page in this blog. Click the link and it takes you offsite to the actual article) Our past and current links-to-go section (current links directly below) is named….. One Nation Under Fraud, Indefensible, Eroding Liberty and Justice for All…..”

Links January 2021 thru February 2023 are accessed here

March has been a difficult month for me to document links for a number of reasons. A short history to help explain: I began posting news links from largely-unknown sources/citizen journalists in January of 2021 following the fraudulent 2020 Presidential Election results because only on the outskirts of journalism was anyone asking genuine questions and offering genuine and multiple instances of voter fraud which could have impacted the result. I wanted to share the information so that people realized there were, indeed, two sides to the widely-supported mainstream media “story.”

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever expect that the clearly-compromised/illegally engineered result would install a globalist puppet government whose mission it was to basically destroy the America I knew and believed in. I never assumed that lawfulness would be thwarted when believable and multiple photos/statements of evidence were presented. I did not anticipate that the election results would “stand” and that charlatans would be given administrative control of our Republic. It was unthinkable to me that the Supreme Court would step back from its job and refuse to hear voter fraud cases; I never believed that the corruption of our District Attorneys, Judges, collective media, elected representatives and Federal institutions would so thoroughly support an illegitimate governing body — for these components are the circumstances of fiction, not fact. And all this is before we come to COVID, during which our Constitutional rights were violated right-and-left on an individual, rather than national, level. And again, nearly total media silence on statistics that proved alternative medicines could indeed be effective, that “the vax” was NOT safe as proclaimed large-and-wide, and that to at least some degree, COVID was not only planned, but also released to further globalist political goals removing worldwide individual freedoms. These are truly the elements of science fiction, not real-time-life-in-America. And yet here we are, in the midst of this sorrowful and frightening novel.

But the national playing field has changed with the election of the new House members. Streams of information are beginning pried free from the False Narrative’s icy grip. There are now growing numbers of outlets which can no longer be stopped/blocked/censored from sharing both “the truth” and additional scenarios which bring us motivation and encouragement as we continue to machete through this tangled jungle of political evil and ill intent. In a certain measure, I have a sense that “the job is done” regarding what I set out to do….AND YET….unexpected suppression of information continues to both be revealed and still active. We are beginning another Presidential election cycle which will bombard us with plenty of falsehood and propaganda for the next 18-month stretch. All indications at this point is that it will again be rife with corruption, voter fraud, and potential international interference. Some states have stepped up to ensure the safety of their election vote, but the majority have not.

In some ways I have a sense that “the job is done,” as information is now flowing much more freely through numerous outlets, enabling people to decide for themselves what is fact and fiction, whether the gate we are being herded through is beneficial or harmful.

AND YET…..suppression of information continues to pop its head up in unexpected instances. In addition, we have another Presidential Election Cycle in 18 months, with all indications being that it will again be rife with corruption, voter fraud, and potential international interference. I am not sure what direction to go. In the meantime, I will be posting miscellaneous March posts I have already collected but not yet published, and additional links as I find them of significance.

I am as tired as anyone else of the unending pressures that are unrelentingly polluting the air we breathe. I long for “normalcy” in our country. How do I define that term? The Message version of I Timothy 2:2 describes, “we can be quietly about our business of living simply, in humble contemplation.” This is a worthy goal. So I encourage everyone (including myself), to stand strong! We press on, in faith and in His love, in worship and expectation of His Mercy, Kindness, and Justice to be released. We are NOT at the end of His patience, but rather beginning a new stage of fulfilling His plans.

March links:

3-8-23:New Mexico Soros-Backed Secretary of State, Maggie Toulouse-Oliver, Used Illegal Software to Combine Election Results and Tried to Cover it Up, Breaking Several State and Local Laws in the Process”……….

3-19-23: Most Obvious Reason that Soros-Backed DA Bragg’s Case Against President Trump is a Sham is That the Mueller Gang Did Not Pursue It”…… 3-21-23: Tomorrow it could Be You’, Boebert Weighs in On Development in Trump NY Case”……3-21-23:Inside the Census Bureau’s Corruption of the Electoral College and U.S. House”…….3-21-23: “Fox News Catches Biden Admin Releasing Chinese Illegal Immigrants into US, sparking Outrage”……3-22-23:Get Woke, Go Broke: Disney Preparing to Lay Off Thousands of Workers”…….3-22-23:Cohen Attorney Letter to FEC Appears to Undercut DA Bragg’s Trump Case”……

News links including Deb’s humor and/or commentary:

News & Views……1-24-23: Vermont Supreme Court Upholds Noncitizen Vote……..February 21, 2023: Conversations Between AI and Dogs?…….
Personal Notes……..1-3-23: “Short People are ‘Better’ for the Environment?”……1-7-23: A True Remembrance of America’s Once-Common Lifestyle?
Political Juggernaut……

Legislature link to check what bills are under consideration in Colorado: The Colorado Freedom Force

News from Inner Creek Photography:

Springtime in the Rockies. In this part of the Rockies, I do not think Colorado “does Spring” very well. In fact, it is actually my least-favorite season in the context of seasonality. Summer is mostly wonderfully summery; Fall is quite glorious and appropriately fall-ish; Winter is without a doubt very wintery…..and Spring…..well, it fits nowhere in its seasonal context and feels much more like a simple transition from dry-snow-season to wet-snow-season.

Interested in new photo decor? To view a variety of available photos, click on my Inner Creek tab on this site or visit innercreek.com.

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