red and white fireworkInspiration.

Sometimes you go in search of it…and sometimes it searches for you.  It is a cycle from which we all benefit.  I love the opportunity to be a purveyor of both…sharing His inspiration and also receiving it from others.  It is my hope that the scriptures and concepts I’ve shared here will edify your spirit and bring a bright burst of colorful inspiration to your day.

Maple leaf edged in lightThe photo-enhanced Spring-Summer or Fall-Winter Journals are an ongoing work and these seasonal posts will bring a smile and a chuckle to your heart as I share many scriptural principles revealed through the beauty of the natural world.Daisy half-moon

Pour yourself a cup of coffee or tea while you flip through topics.  Relax.  Allow your imagination to wander, your spirit to touch His in prayer.  Grab a glimpse of His triumphs and persecutions around the world.

Tubes of paintBe inspired to create, to be creative, to see the simplest of things as significant and — like ourselves — incredibly complex and interwoven into the world around us.IMG_9281

News links chosen are generally headlines/stories that catch my attention and may be easily overlooked by a general news perusal.   Click on the section name and you will see news links shared over the last year.  Titles of recent links are included on this page.
News & Views…8-29-19:  Lesbian Priest  Hands out Gas Cards for Women to Travel to Abortion-Friendly States–I’m Speechless….
Creative Prism….7-27-19: Tori Kelly Shares About Her Walk With God….8-14-19:  Lead Singer of rock Band Skillet Calls for Return to “Preeminence of the Word”….
Broken Hallelujah….7-15-19:  Persecution Continues to Increase in Nigeria
Ambassadors….8-9-18:  Richland County, S. Carolina, Institutes ‘Prayer Zone’ Signs Around Schools….8-14-19:  Call for Prayer Over Hong Kong….
Family Matters…8-15-19:  This Back to School, Look Out for The Gender Unicorn….
Personal Notes…8-23-19:  Four Well-Known Companies with Christian Themes in Their Mission Statements….9-7-19:  AI Programmed for Mindreading?
Political Juggernaut…8-9-19:  Pennsylvania County Seal Allowed to Retain Image of Cross….8-14-19:  George Washington University Trolled by Campus Reform, Results Reveal Lack of Intellectual Analysis….SPECIAL RESEARCH:  “1619 Project” Perspective Intends to Infiltrate Historical Interpretation at Every Level….
Daisies by sixNews from Inner Creek Photography:  Recommending the photo collection Flowers and Their Fields .  Purchases may be made from the innercreek.com website or click on my Inner Creek tab on this site
Quote worth repeating:  “The Christian shoemaker does his duty not by putting little crosses on the shoes, but by making good shoes because God is interested in good craftsmanship”                                          Martin Luther