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I love sharing His inspiration and also receiving it from Him and others.  It is my hope that the scriptures and concepts shared here will edify your spirit and bring a bright burst of colorful inspiration to your day.

The photo-enhanced Spring-Summer or Fall-Winter Journals are an ongoing work.  These seasonal posts will bring a smile and a chuckle to your heart as I share thoughts and Scriptural truths revealed through unique moments of reflection and appreciating the lessons we may learn from the everyday world around us.


I hope your spirit will touch His in prayer and reflection, as you see a glimpse of His triumphs and persecutions around the world.

New post in the 2020-21 Fall-Winter Journal: 

November 15, 2020: I am also marveling at the unexpected-and-incredible transformation God is engaged in, right now, throughout the world.  I have felt for many months that we are in a Habakkuk 1:5b moment, in which the Lord states, “For I am accomplishing a work in your days – you would not believe it even if you were told!”

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(Yep, just like a fast-food hamburger. News links without my “unique commentary”, and not contained on a page in this blog. Click the link and it takes you offsite to the actual article….I will give this a try through Inauguration Day, 2021. With the inundation of information being released post-election, I am hoping this format will expose you to some unsung-info from a varied combination of sources — more than I can process and comment on in my usual format)

11-01-20: “Why Safeguarding Our Elections Matters”….11-04-20: “It’s a Dumpster Fire: House Democrats Reportedly Pointing Fingers After Stunning Election Losses”….11-05-20: “Is Voter Fraud Afoot? A Look at 7 Claims“…..11-05-20: “The Disinformationists” by Victor David Hanson…..11-05-20: “Charlie Shramp: Watch for the Sign of the Rain and Rainbow…Watermark? Sting Operation?”….11-05-20: “Prophet Lois Vogel Sharp Goes on Record–Trump Will Prevail, Win Second Term….11-05-20: “There is Undeniable Mathematical Evidence the Election is Being Stolen….. 11-06-20: “Facebook Imposes Limits on Election Content, Bans ‘Stop the Steal’ Group…...11-07-20: “Newt Gingrich: ‘My Hope is That President Trump Will Lead the Millions of Americans Who Understand Exactly What is Going On”11-07-20: “Alex Newman: Dems Committed Election Treason”…..11-7-20: Joe Biden’s Votes Violate Benford s Law (Mathematics)….11-08-20: “Twitter Decides the Rules for Fraud in the Casting or Counting of Election Ballots”….11-08-20: “Wait Just a Minute! Some Very Good News May be Coming“…..

11-8-20: “This is Not Over; Newt Gingrich Urges Trump to ‘Keep Fighting’ Despite Media’s Election Declarations”…..11-8-20: “Facebook and Twitter Suspend Accounts that Posted on Benford’s Law Showing Biden’s Implausible Vote Totals – Labeling it Sexual Exploitation”.….11-8-20: Bulldog Trump Attorney Sidney Powell- ‘We’ve Identified 450,000 Votes That Miraculously Only Have a Vote for Joe Biden………11-9-20: Biden’s Campaign Threatens to Remove Trump from White House….11-9-20: “Whistleblower in Biden Van Saw People Opening, Filling, and Sealing Nevada Ballots, Trump Campaign Claims”…..11-9-20: “China Insider: Chinese Enthusiastic About U.S Presidential Election”….11-9-20: “Democrat Activists Compiling a Do-Not-Hire Blacklist of People Who Supported or Worked for Trump”….. 11-9-20: “Joe Biden Announced COVID Lockdown Panel – Plans Nationwide Mandatory Mask Mandate, Lockdown and Contact Tracing“…..11-9-20: “Evidence of Watermarked Ballots Continues to Grow“……11-9-20: “Most of Biden’s 221,000 Margin Gain in Georgia in 3 Counties That Received $15-Million from Zuckerberg-Funded ‘Safe Elections’ Project”…..11-10-20: “Biden Spokesman Calls for Further Censorship of Trump and His Supporters”…..11-10-20: “Video: Daniel Turner: China Would Control a ‘Green Energy’ World…..11-10-20: “PA House GOP Members to Call for a Legislative-Led Audit of Election, and Demand Results Not be Certified, Nor Electors be Seated, Until Audit is Complete” …. 11-10-20: “Obamacare Unconstitutional Without Individual Mandate: Supreme Court Hears”…..11-10-20: Lois Vogel Sharp Boldly Proclaims ‘Trump Wins!’, This is Not Over….11-10-20: Biden Likely Would Issue Flurry of Executive Orders on Climate, Abortion, Immigration……

11-11-20: “Data Conflict: Tens of Thousands of Pennsylvania Ballots Returned Earlier than Sent:…….11-11-20:Michigan Witness: Detroit Tabulation Machines Were Illegally Connected to the Web (video)”…….11-11-20: “BLM to Biden and Harris: Here’s What You Owe Us for Our Votes:……..11-11-20: “ODNI- No National Security for Biden Until Win Confirmed“……11-11-20: “Florida Governor Pushes Bill That Would Allow Armed Citizens to Use Deadly Force Against Looters, Rioters”……….11-12-20: “America’s Fiscal Landscape Might Change as Wall Street Weighs Move to Texas”……11-12-20: “Here We Go: Warren Demands Business CEOs ‘Outline Concrete Actions’ to ‘Fight Climate Change’…….11-12-20: “Trump Attorney Lin Wood- Chinese Communists Used Computer Fraud and Mail Ballot Fraud to Interfere with Our National Election”…..11-12-20: Trump Issues Order to End Investments in Chinese Military Companies….11-13-20: “Retiring Never-Trump Diplomat–We’ve Been Lying to the Trump Administration About How Many US Troops are Still in Syria”…..11-14-20: Lance Wallnau on Twitter–the US Just Raided and Seized a Server That Has Data On It Involving and Software Used in Election….11-14-20:Massive Crowds March in DC to Show Support for Trump, Demand Election Integrity”………11-15-20: “Horowitz–Pro-Mask Study Withdrawn After Virus Spread in Counties Analyzed by Researchers”…..11-15-20: “Rep. Louis Gohmert Says U.S. Military Has Raided Scytl Server Facility in Frankfurt Germany! Hammer-Scorecard-Dominion-Scytl”…….

11-16-20: “Confirmed: Media Collusion to Smother Biden Influence Peddling Scandal Worked”.…..11-16-20: “Report: Nancy Pelosi Urging House Democrats To Not Join Biden Administration”…….11-16-20: “Trump’s Bulldog Attorney Lin Wood: ‘Soon People Will Be Going to Prison.. Lots of People'”…….11-16-20: “The Election was Conducted Under A ‘National Emergency,’ Trap Laid for Democrat Fraud”……11-16-20: “Lance Wallnau–Is This True? The President of the Board of Directors of Smartmatic is in Biden’s Transition Team?”……11-17-20: “Who is Peter Neffinger?”……11-17-20: “Mail-In Ballots in Pennsylvania Not Registered in State Data, Hundreds of Voters Say”……11-17-20: “Rumors fly That Server Seized in Raid Shows Trump Actually got 410 Electoral Votes; Media Panics”……..11-17-20: “DNA-Level Statistical Proof: ‘Smartmatic’ Vote-Counting System was Manipulated in PA and GA to Overturn Trump’s Victory……. 11-18-20: “Explosive Voter Fraud Charge – 8,000 Fraudulent Voter Registration Applications in LA County From 2 Men”…….11-18-20: “Leftists Are Already Pushing Biden to Disband the Space Force”…….11-18-20: “Ballots Found on a Flashdrive Help Virginia Democrat Spanberger Surge Ahead”……..,,..11-18-20: “In Nevada, A Corrupt Cash-for-Votes Scheme is Hiding in Plain Sight”…….11-19-20: “Kraken Unleashed? Official Affidavit Details Cyber Security’s Group’s Investigation Into the Mass Voter Fraud that Allegedly Involves Dominion, ES&S Election Services and Others”……..11-19-20: “Former Clinton Official Who Helped Push Pro-China, US-Job Killing Law Named Biden Counselor”……..11-19-20: “Two Oregon Counties Vote to Consider Seceding, Joining Idaho”……11-19-20: “Iran Admits to UN Findings of Nuclear Deal ‘Breach,’ Already Making Demands of Potential Biden Administration”…….11-19-20: “JUST IN: State Department Cuts Financial Support for Groups Declared ‘Anti-Semitic'”…….11-19-20: “Sidney Powell Drops the Hammer and Discusses Algorithm Used by Voting Machines to Flip Votes from Trump to Biden“…..

11-20-20: “Dominion Agreement with Santa Clara County Allows Staff to “‘Adjust Tally'”…….11-20-20: “‘Why Are They Hiding?’ Dominion Cancels Hearing Appearance in PA”…….11-20-20: “Computer Technician Who Turned Hunter Biden Laptop Over to Authorities Forces to Close Shop”……11-20-20: “Kamala Harris’ Husband, Doug Emhoff, May Have Connections to Smartmatic & Dominion Voting Systems”…….11-23-20: “Trump-Hating Actor Robert DeNiro–Trump’s Supporters ‘Should be Afraid of What’s Gonna Happen’ When He’s Out of Office”……..11-23-20: “Sidney Powell Respods After Trump Campaign Says She Is Not Part of Legal Team-#KrakenOnSteroids”………. 11-24-20: “Pennsylvania, Michigan and Arizona Announce Election Election Fraud Hearings”……..11-24-20: “President Trump Refuses to Concede, Tells GOP to Call for Revote with Paper Ballots……11-24-20: “Subpoena in Georgia Election Lawsuit Seeks Video Footage from State Farm Arena”.……..
……..11-25-20: “Biden Promises Amnesty for 11 Million Illegals”…….11-25-20: “HUGE– Trump Campaign Nevada Lawsuit Challenging Election Results Given Go-Ahead for Depositions, Hearing Set for December 3”.……11-25-20: ‘HUGE: PA Lawmaker: Democrat Governor Wolf MANDATED Dominion Voting Systems–It was NOT Voted on by Lawmakers”……..11-25-20:Colorado GOP Calls for Election Audit Over Doubts About Dominion Voting Systems”………….11-25-20: Sidney Powell’s ‘Kraken’ is DOD Cyber Warfare Program! We are At War”………11-25-20: “Human Rights Activists Have Serious Concerns About Antony Binken’s Record on Human Rights and Business Dealings in China“……11-26-20: “Sidney Powell Files Lawsuit in Georgia Alleging ‘Massive Election Fraud’“……….11-26-20: “Attorney Leigh Dundas On the Last 48 Hours – Sidney Powell and the Trump Campaign”…….11-26-20: “Guiliani at PA Election Hearing-‘You’ve Sent out 1.8 Million Ballots and the Number You’ve Counted is 2.5 Million”……11-26-20: “Sidney Powell’s Website (defendingtherepublic.org) Apparently Blocked by Twitter”……11-26-20: “People are Damaging Their Eyes Trying to Kill COVID19 with UV Lamps”……..11-26-20: “Sidney Powell Makes 30 Allegations in Bid to Invalidate Georgia Election Results”…….

11-27-20: “Watermarked Ballots CONFIRMED in Sidney Powell’s Lawsuit”…….11-27-20: “Arizona State Legislature to Hold ‘Urgent’ Election Integrity Hearing with Trump’s Lawyers“…..

News links including commentary:

News & Views10-26-20: Microsoft Hopes to Keep Under Shadow of Joe Biden Win….11-8-20: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Tells NYT She May be Leaving Politics?….11-20-20: 2005 Carter-Baker Report Ignored, Could Have Transformed This Election?……..
Creative Prism….
Broken Hallelujah…..
Family Matters….10-30-20: International Declaration Signed States There is No Inherent “Right to Abortion”
Personal Notes......10-21-20: Where O Where Has A Charlie Brown Christmas Gone?…..11-9-20: Oh Joy, the “Infectious Disease Racial Disparities Task Force” is Waiting in the Corner….11-14-20: Resurfacing — Aug. Info Stating Bill Gates Negotiated Deal for COVID Tracking Six Months Prior to the Epidemic……
Political Juggernaut….3-10-20:  The Woodson Center Launches 1776Unites in Response to 1619 Project.....9-24-20: Investigation of 2018 Texas Primary Results in 134 Felony Charges…9-25-20: House Democrats Revive Legislation to Limit Supreme Court Justice Terms10-13-20: Saturday “Blexit” March Reaches Over 2,000….10-21-020: Police Around the Country Prepare for “Unrest” Before and After Election10-27-20: Shut Down DC Explains Plans to “Create Serious Disruption” if Trump “Tries to Steal the Election“….10-30-20: Blockchain Technology in Use This Election10-31-20: Sanders — Laying “The Groundwork for the Future of Our Political Revolution”11-5-20: Did You Know State Legislature Can Step In and Count Votes?11-6-20: Software Used in Michigan County Swapped 6,000 Trump Votes11-12-20: Wall Street Moving to Texas? Noooooooo….
Political Juggernaut–Election Countdown/Wrap-up:   4-27-20:  The Big Push for Mail-In Voting Has Begun….5-5-20:  Newsweek Publishes Opinion on “Vote by Mail is Essential to Protect Voters”.…5-21-20: Election Judge Admits to Participating in On-Site Voter Fraud…6-26-20: New Jersey Prosecutes Mail-In Voter Fraud7-26-20: New York Mail-in Primary Vote Still Unresolved8-4-20: New York Blames Post Office for Poor Ballot Turnaround8-16-20: Are Postal Boxes Being Removed in Political Maneuvering?….8-29-20: Insider’s Explanation on How to Poison the Mail-In Vote; and Is Blockchain the Antidote?….9-1-20: Dem-based Analytics Company Offers Narrative, Then Startling Advice Regarding Voting Protocol9-3-20: Mark Zuckerberg: “This Election Will Not Be Business as Usual”9-6-20: Will be More Like “Election Week” Than “Election Day” in Knowing Results, Warn Secretaries of States9-8-20: Mailbags Dumped in An Alley Won’t Deliver the Votes9-16-20: Don’t Forget to Factor in Human Error on Those Mail-In Ballots…9-16-20: 350,000 Dead Registrants Remain on Voter Rolls in 41 States9-24-20: Investigation of 2018 Texas Primary Results in 134 Felony Charges10-30-20: Blockchain Technology in Use This Election11-5-20: Did You Know State Legislature Can Step In and Count Votes?11-6-20: Software Used in Michigan County Swapped 6,000 Trump Votes

Considering Colorado....10-16-20: Judicial Watch Suing Colorado Over 100%-Plus Voter Rolls….

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