Inspiration and encouragement.

Sometimes you go in search of them…and sometimes they search for you.

I love sharing His inspiration and also receiving it from Him and others.  It is my hope that the scriptures and concepts shared here will edify your spirit and bring a bright burst of colorful inspiration to your day.

The photo-enhanced Spring-Summer or Fall-Winter Journals are an ongoing work.  These seasonal posts will bring a smile and a chuckle to your heart as I share thoughts and Scriptural truths revealed through unique moments of reflection and appreciating the lessons we may learn from the everyday world around us.


I hope your spirit will touch His in prayer and reflection, as you see a glimpse of His triumphs and persecutions around the world.

Newest post in Spring-Summer Journal:  (5/25)  Memorial Day. May 25.

“I am also missing the speaking of honor, respect, appreciation and historical perspective that so often fills our national narrative on this day.The scripture that keeps coming to my mind this morning is, “It was for freedom that Christ set us free; therefore keep standing firm and do not be subject again to a yoke a slavery.”  (Gal. 5:1)”

Quote to ponder: “We can relearn civility. We can remember that we can disagree without destroying the world around us.” Alveda King

Why have I chosen these particular news links? They are often headlines/stories that catch my attention but may be easily overlooked or underreported.  Sometimes I want to focus on a particular issue or topic. The most recent links are included after each heading.
News & Views. 5-29-20: Facebook Content Oversight Board Leans Significantly Left, Ties to George Soros….6-2-20: Britain’s Boris Johnson Offers Refuge to Hong Kong Citizens7-1-20: Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, Other Nations Finalizing Plans to Assist Hong Kongers….
Creative Prism….
Broken Hallelujah….6-22-20: China’s New Security Laws Worries Hong Kong Clergy
Ambassadors….5-29-20: Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany Declares God Put Her in the White House for a Reason….6-8-20: To Whom or What Do We Kneel?6-9-20: Circuit Riders Preach at Corner Where George Floyd was Killed — and God Touches the Crowds6-23-20: 99-Year-Old Uses Garden to Share About God’s Love….
Family Matters.6-12-20: President Trump Finalizes Regulation that Defines Gender6-25-20: #AllBlackLivesMatter Invites Blacks to Unify Around Faith, Pro-Life Principles7-3-20: Polyamory Redefines “Family” in Somerville, Massachusetts
Personal Notes...6-5-20: Trump Administration Ends Research Utilizing Aborted Fetal Tissue6-29-20: AI “Lifeguard” Can Monitor Hundreds of Swimmers, Vast Expanses of Beach….
Political Juggernaut….3-10-20:  The Woodson Center Launches 1776Unites in Response to 1619 Project…6-11-20: Church of the Highlands Lease Cancelled at Two Locations Due to Un-Woke “Likes”6-15-20: Supreme Court Refuses to Hear DOJ Challenge to CaliforniaSanctuary State” Laws6-23-20: “We are Trained Marxists” Says Black Lives Matter Co-Founder6-26-20: House Passes District of Columbia to Be 51st State….6-26-20: New Jersey Prosecutes Mail-In Voter Fraud6-9-20: Student Trump Supporter Potentially Un-Enrolled Over Conservative Views
Political Juggernaut–Election Countdown:   4-27-20:  The Big Push for Mail-In Voting Has Begun….5-5-20:  Newsweek Publishes Opinion on “Vote by Mail is Essential to Protect Voters”.…5-21-20: Election Judge Admits to Participating in On-Site Voter Fraud…6-26-20: New Jersey Prosecutes Mail-In Voter Fraud

The Heritage Foundation Voter Fraud Map: click on a state and see fraud case statistics

Political Juggernaut–Virginia Watch:     11-7-19:  Yes, Elections have Consequences.  Watch Virginia…  12-13-19:  Virginia Update:  As Virginia Counties Pass “Second Amendment Sanctuary” Laws, Attorney General Threatens National Guard to Enforce Cooperation..12-20-19:  It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Tr-ouble–Nearly 90% Virginia Counties Declare Themselves Second Amendment Sanctuary Counties…1-27-20:  March of Progressivism Continues to Change Virginia’s Laws, Disregard Populace….1-30-20:  West Virginia Governor Suggests Possibility of Virginia Counties Seceding to His State….2-17-20:  Virginia Legislature Rejects Ban on Assault Weapons….4-3-20:  Bishop Jackson Accuses Virginia Governor of “Playing Politics” With Lockdown Order…4-11-20:  “Good” Friday for Dems as Gov. Northam Slams Through Numerous Progressive Bills….5-20-20:  Staunton, Virginia, Starts the Pendulum Swinging Right–Will It Last?…
Considering Colorado...6-8-20: Colorado Voters Have Opportunity to Vote Down Late-Term Abortions in November.6-9-20: State Senate Approves SB217, Enhance Law Enforcement Integrity Bill6-11-20: John Hickenlooper States He Believes Tara Reade, Still Voting for Joe Biden6-18-20: Good News and a Warning from Governor6-22-20: SRO Officers are “Out” at Denver Public Schools
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