bigger sun and cloudsInspiration and encouragement.

Sometimes you go in search of them…and sometimes they search for you.

I love sharing His inspiration and also receiving it from Him and others.  It is my hope that the scriptures and concepts shared here will edify your spirit and bring a bright burst of colorful inspiration to your day.

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The photo-enhanced Spring-Summer or Fall-Winter Journals are an ongoing work.  These seasonal posts will bring a smile and a chuckle to your heart as I share thoughts and Scriptural truths revealed through unique moments of reflection and appreciating the lessons we may learn from the everyday world around us.


I hope your spirit will touch His in prayer and reflection, as you see a glimpse of His triumphs and persecutions around the world.

Newest blog post:  (4/2)  Does Anyone Think Church Gatherings are ‘Essential’?  Who’s Speaking Up?”

I had assumed that churches would be considered an “essential social service” and that any mandatory shutdown would be resisted.  Necessarily, ‘crowd considerations’ would have been evaluated, with churches likely needing to be creative and/or take measures to accommodate the different situations that were arising.  But it never occurred to me that, based on numbers alone, church assemblage would be shuttered as if it were of no benefit to our neighbors, our rich and poor alike…”

New Spring-Summer Journal posts!  First posts for May are now published.

News links chosen are generally headlines/stories that catch my attention and may be easily overlooked by a general news perusal.   Click on the section name and you will see news links shared over the last year.  Titles of recent links are included on this page.
News & Views.4-17-20:  Not Receiving COVID Money?  Ah, If Only You Were an Illegal in California…  5-4-20:  Development Phase of COVID Antibody Announced by Israel…5-13-20:  Hogs in a Wood Chipper?  Surely There’s Another Solution to Excess Livestock!..3-15-20:  Sorrento Therapeutics Claims Antibody that 100% Inhibits COVID-19….5-18-20:  Atwater, California, Becomes “Sanctuary City” from Governor’s Stay-at-Home Order…
Creative Prism….
Broken Hallelujah…..5-3-20:  New York City Starts to Recover,  Samaritan’s Purse Asked to Leave….
Ambassadors….4-3-20:  Christians Gather Around Their Local Hospitals and Pray….4-7-20:  Senator Tim Scott Encourages People to “Keep Trusting in God’s Plan”….
Family Matters.5-9-20:  Kroger Invigorates Dairy Rescue Program, Processes Milk for Food Banks…
Personal Notes...3-24-20:  Docilians:  A Risk-Averse Culture and COVID-19….4-27-20:  So Just Why Would Bill Gates Say That?….5-2-20:  New York Times Calls for the DNC to Investigate Joe Biden…Very Curious…5-7-20:  Canoe Successfully Grown from Mushrooms…5-21-20:  Churches Still Closed…One Burned to the Ground, California Churches Unite to Celebrate Live Services for Pentecost, May 31…
Political Juggernaut….3-10-20:  The Woodson Center Launches 1776Unites in Response to 1619 Project…4-27-20:  The Big Push for Mail-In Voting Has Begun….5-5-20Newsweek Publishes Opinion on “Vote by Mail is Essential to Protect Voters”…5-6-20:  FAA To Implement Remote ID Requirement to Fly Drones in America…5-12-20:  Faith Leaders Sign Letter to Request Legal Protection as Churches Plan to Reopen…5-15-20:  PBS Affiliates Air “Propa-mentary” in Conjunction with Chinese Owned CGTN…5-21-20: Election Judge Admits to Participating in On-Site Voter Fraud…..
Political Juggernaut–Election Countdown:   4-27-20:  The Big Push for Mail-In Voting Has Begun….5-5-20:  Newsweek Publishes Opinion on “Vote by Mail is Essential to Protect Voters”….5-21-20: Election Judge Admits to Participating in On-Site Voter Fraud…
Political Juggernaut–Virginia Watch:     11-7-19:  Yes, Elections have Consequences.  Watch Virginia…  12-13-19:  Virginia Update:  As Virginia Counties Pass “Second Amendment Sanctuary” Laws, Attorney General Threatens National Guard to Enforce Cooperation..12-20-19:  It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Tr-ouble–Nearly 90% Virginia Counties Declare Themselves Second Amendment Sanctuary Counties…1-27-20:  March of Progressivism Continues to Change Virginia’s Laws, Disregard Populace….1-30-20:  West Virginia Governor Suggests Possibility of Virginia Counties Seceding to His State….2-17-20:  Virginia Legislature Rejects Ban on Assault Weapons….4-3-20:  Bishop Jackson Accuses Virginia Governor of “Playing Politics” With Lockdown Order…4-11-20:  “Good” Friday for Dems as Gov. Northam Slams Through Numerous Progressive Bills….5-20-20:  Staunton, Virginia, Starts the Pendulum Swinging Right–Will It Last?…
Considering Colorado…..4-23-20:  Colorado’s “Stay at Home” Becomes “Safer at Home” — And No School Openings….4-30-20:  Both Praise and Criticism for Governor as Colorado Starts to Open… 5-6-20:  Colorado Included in List of “10 States with Biggest Drop in (COVID) Cases”…5-6-20:  Meet Your New Colorado Neighbor, Michael Bloomberg….5-13-20:  Colorado Schools Receive $121-million from CARES Act…for What?….5-14-20:  A Little Good News — Colorado Hits Fourth Week of Decline in New Unemployment Claims…5-19-20:  Executive Order 70 Divvies Up COVID Money Colorado Legislature Had Planned to Discuss…5-23-20:  Recipients of Senior Property Tax Exemption Victim of  COVID-Impact Budget Cuts for 2020-21…
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