Inspiration and encouragement. Awareness and Prayer Intervention. I love sharing both of these areas.

We are a people called to intercede for God’s kingdom and blessing to be manifest. We are also called to praise Him and encourage one another. It is my hope that the scriptures and concepts shared here will bring a bright burst of encouragement to your day, and stimulate you to walk more fully in the “good deeds” Jesus has prepared for us to accomplish.

The photo-enhanced Spring-Summer or Fall-Winter Journals are an ongoing work.  These seasonal posts will bring a smile and a chuckle to your heart as I share thoughts and Scriptural truths revealed through unique moments of reflection and appreciating the lessons we may learn from the everyday world around us.


I hope your spirit will touch His in prayer and reflection, and you see a glimpse of His triumphs and prayerfully combat the persecutions of His followers around the world.

Spring-summer Journal:

April 15: Vindicate America, O God

I was reading and meditating on Psalm 43…..then I began personalizing the words towards our nation:

“Vindicate America, O God, and plead her case against those who want to turn her into an ungodly nation; O deliver her from the deceitful and injust man. For You are the God of her strength; why have You rejected her? Why does she go mourning because of the oppression of the enemy?

Links to Go:

(Yep, just like grabbing a fast-food hamburger for a “quick fill.” Remember, these links are not contained on a page in this blog. Click the link and it takes you offsite to the actual article….major Election 2020 links 11/1/20 to 1/20/21 are now moved to the Political Juggernaut page. On the Political Juggernaut page, you will also find a section there named “The Fight Continues,” where you will find post-election-steal headlines. Our current Links to Go title is –)

“One Nation Under Fraud, Indefensible, Eroding Liberty and Justice for All…..”

From marketwatch.com, 2021: “All of President Biden’s Key Executive Orders in One Chart”

To watch the Mike Lindell documentary “Absolute Interference,” click here.

January – May links for One Nation Under Fraud…..

June News Links: 6-1-21: “DeSantis Says He’ll ‘Enforce Florida Law’ Against Vaccine Passports After Cruise Line Unveils Plans”………6-1-21: “Biden Plans Retroactive Capital Gains Tax Hike” ………..6-1-21: “1,000 Lawyers and 10,000 Doctors Join Together and File Lawsuit to Prosecute the ‘2nd Nuremburg Tribunal’ Against Corona Fraud Scandal”……6-1-21: “America the Outlier – Voter Photo IDs are the Rule in Europe and Elsewhere”……..6-3-21: “Biden Orders Ban on 59 Chinese Defense and Tech Firms”…….6-3-21: “Three Virginia Sheriffs Switch Parties to Republican Because of Extremist Views Within Democrat Party”………6-5-21: “Federal Judge Strikes Down California’s 30-Year-Old Ban on Assault Weapons”…….

News links including Deb’s humor and/or commentary:

News & Views…..6-10-21: G7 Tour Starts Off with Fraudster Joe Insulting America and Criticizing the UK….on a Trade Deal? ……… 6-17-21: The Mystery of the McCloskeys Pleading Guilty to Misdemeanor Charges……..
Broken Hallelujah….. 5-1-21: London Pastor Arrested for Preaching Father-and-Mother as Heads of Household…and Gets Arrested…….
Family Matters…... 5-4-21: Expose on the Teaching of Critical Race Theory in the Schools……
Personal Notes…….. 5-10-21: Critical Race Theory Being Taught at Disney? ……. 6-2-21: Bill Gates, Warren Buffet Champion “New Kind of Nuclear Reactor”…in Wyoming?“……….
Political Juggernaut….1-30-21: 1776 Commission Says Principles Will Endure…… 3-24-21: A 9-Point Analysis of “For the People Act,,,…….4-22-21: D.C. Statehood Discussion — Is It a Constitutionally-Set Aside Parcel or Enabled Voter Suppression?…….. 4-26-21: Australian TV Host Points Out ‘America Last’ Policy is Detrimental to the World……. 5-12-21: EPIC VIDEO of Rand Paul Connecting the Dots with Dr. Fauci……. 6-1-21: Fraudster Joe Goes Looking for…. Already Deported Illegals? …….

Considering Colorado..………

News from Inner Creek Photography:

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