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Deb w camera in mirror

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As you can see, you have caught me having fun…and when the car actually stops and I get out, I will be busy taking all kinds of beautiful pictures.

I have come to think of myself as growing into a photo-trepreneur.  Once I can capture that beautiful image, the picture can be utilized to create an item that shares that beauty and also has a practical use.  Below, you can see some of the many products Inner Creek offers for sale:  mousepads ($13 inc. shp), original-photo puzzles ($30 inc. shp), magnets, pocket and desk calendars, polyester totes ($15 inc. shp), photo-front cards, and Photo Slices.  These freestanding mini-art creations are perfect for work desks, bookcases, printer tables, and other small spaces where a slice of art would be welcome.

Inner Creek products 7-2018

Photo Slices offer a momentary visual break from the inside workplace and are available in a wide variety of subject matter (right and below).  Priced at $3/each or 2/$5, include $1.50 shipping per pair and email me at if you have questions or to order.Photo slices, ver






What else can you order from Inner Creek Photography and Creative Arts?

Well-designed and beautiful photos to complement the various rooms in your home, or to brighten and add beauty and interest to your office walls.

bear lightened


This handsome fellow on the left is available as a metal print, 11×14, for $45 plus shipping


The grizzly bear below is available on an 11×14 canvas, $40 plus shippingbear








What spells “comfort” better than a beautiful, huggable, hand-made doll?  You can view our complete line of handmade dolls on Inner Creek’s special Doll Page.

IMG_3348Each beautiful doll is $45 plus $10/shipping.  Doll includes hand-made hair, hand-painted face, and hand sewn dress, pantaloons, shoes, the whole works.



In addition, you are especially encouraged to view this month’s Collection of the Month:

Antique and Notable Cars

Grille and headlight ver.