Broken Hallelujah

The phrase “broken hallelujah” has its history dating back several decades.

The Scripture that comes to my mind is Hebrews 11:35-38: “Women received back their dead by resurrection; and others were tortured, not accepting their release, so that they might obtain a better resurrection; and others experienced mocking and scourging, yes, also chains and imprisonment. They were stoned, they were sawn in two; they were tempted, they were put to death with the sword; they went about in sheepskins, in goatskins, being destitute, afflicted, ill-treated, (men of whom the world was not worthy), wandering in deserts and mountains and caves and holes in the ground.”

This extraordinary courage, faithfulness and suffering is seen throughout today’s world, just as it was in the days of the early Church. As both a call to prayer and an opportunity to give thanks for the testimony of such staggering courage and conviction, links that lead you to recent events of this nature are offered here.  Please remember to pray on behalf of those under threatened or actual persecution.


August 13, 2021: Nancy Pelosi Arrests Pro-Life Group for Peacefully Supporting Hyde Amendment

This is unacceptable, unjust, and outrageous on so many levels! It is time for God to knock her off her self-made throne ASAP!

As covered by, Congresswoman Cori Bush was allowed to “camp out for days and protest on the steps of the Capitol for days calling for a moratorium on evictions.” As the group Stanton Public Policy Center met with Purple Sash Revolution on the steps of the Capitol, to peacefully “support the Hyde Amendment” in favor of unborn life. CEO of Stanton, Danielle Versluys, is quoted as saying, “Within 10 minutes, we were arrested by the Capitol Police. We were peaceful, respectful, and asking simply for the same rights as Ms. Bush. Instead, our message was swiftly silenced.”

May 1, 2021: London Pastor Arrested for Preaching Father-and-Mother as Heads of Household…and Gets Arrested

This is not from a Third World country….this is in London. I can hardly believe it, although Great Britain is certainly up to its stiff-upper-lips in trouble and turmoil right now…..

As reported in, “According to witnesses, Pastor John Sherwood was standing on a stool and preaching that ‘Gods design in creating mankind was to set human beings in families, headed by a father and a mother, not by two fathers or two mothers.'”

As reported, 71-year-old Pastor Sherwood’s comments were construed as “homophobic statements” which resulted in his being “led away in handcuffs, questioned in a police station, and held overnight.” Although Sherwood was released without receiving a legal charge, he was arrested “under the Public Order Act, which can be used under the vague proviso that someone is using ‘abusive or insulting words’ that cause ‘harm’ to someone else.”

Pastor Sherwood stated that “officers grilled him over his attitude to gay people.”

April 22, 2021: Anti-Christian Extremism Growing in Nigeria

As reported by, “Nigeria hosts the highest rate of religiously-motivated violence in the world and, according to religious freedom watchdog group Open Doors USA, a new caliphate is emerging in the Sub-Saharan Africa…according to Open Doors, 90% of all Christians killed for their faith worldwide are murdered in Sub-Sahara Africa.

The article also chronicles that extremist violence “isn’t staying in one place: attacks on Christians and other religious minorities have spiked throughout the African continent.”

April 22, 2021: ChinaAid Describes Increased Persecution Under Xi as “Sinicization” Program Continues

The 2020 ChinaAid Persecution Report notes that from January through December, 2020, there is clearly “ongoing escalation of harassment of Christians by the Chinese Community Party (CCP). 2020 marked “the third year of the ‘Five-Year Plan for the Sinicization of Christianity’. The Sinicization campaign had a sustained emphasis on upholding Chinese traditions through faith groups such as ordering churches to fly the Chinese flag and sing patriotic songs in services.”

The article summarized that “overall, 100% of house churches experienced some level of harassment in 2020.”

January 31, 2021: Yet More Religious Materials Publicly burned in China

As noted by, “Spiritual believers in China — be it Christians, Buddhists, Uyghur Muslims, or Falun Gong practitioners — are faced not only with not only brutal suppression or forced-labor terms but also have their religious books burned or trashed at the hands of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).”

Bitter Winter, a magazine which chronicles the CCP’s constant assault on human rights and religious freedom, quotes the sharing of this event: “‘Officials stormed into our church before we even finished collecting our belongings. They tore up all Bibles and images of the Lord Jesus.'” The building was entirely demolished, citing “illegal construction” as the reason.

The article points out that “As a regime rooted in atheism and materialism, the communist party has been cracking down on religious and spiritual groups constantly since it came to power in 1949.”

December 30, 2020: Release International Warns of Increased Persecution in 2021

As reported by, one partner in Release International stated, “The government of President Xi Jinping is increasing its efforts to ‘clean up’ anything that does not advance the communist agenda.” The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) assumed power in India in 2014, and is reportedly “behind the violent persecution of Christians” in the last few years. Nigeria has additionally been watched to the list of those experiencing increasing incidents of persecution, rooted in Islamic ideology.

August 12, 2020: Pay the CCP or Stay Shut, Chinese Churches are Told reports that, “State-sponsored churches in parts of China that were forced to close due to COVID-19 lockdowns are only permitted to reopen if they hand money over to the Chinese Communist Party…authorities in Zhangcun town issued donation quotas ranging from 4,000 to 10,000 RMB (between $560 and $1,400) to Three-Self Churches, while churches in Xianhu were ordered to donate 100 RMB (about $14) to Wuhan…”

The CCP also targets Buddhist temples. The article explains that “asking” for charitable donations occurs every year, and if refused, churches are closed.

August 6, 2020: China Orders Pastors to Praise the CCP in Sermons and “Extol” President Xi-Jinping

As reported by, “42 prerequisites” are required of churches closed by COVID before they can officially reopen. “China’s state-approved churches are only permitted to reopen if they praise the Chinese Communist Party and extol President Xi-Jinping, according to a new report.”

The article states that a church member in Henan is quoted as telling the religious freedom magazine Bitter Winter that, “The government said that churches must preach about national affairs if they want to reopen…with Xi-Jinping’s speeches as the main content, it’s better for churches not to reopen.”

August 3, 2020: Turkey Slowly Diminishing Number of Christian Clergy

According to, “Dozes of foreign Christians in Turkey have been forced to leave the country or have been banned from returning in what appears to be government targeting of the Protestant Christian community, rights activists say.” Nonprofit organization Middle East Concern (MEC) is quoted as pointing out many of these “foreign clergy” have invested decades of their lives in Turkey, as well as building their families and purchasing property in Turkey.

In a June 6, 2020 article from Gatestone Institute, author Raymond Ibrahim quotes a writer from as stating, “This hateful environment did not emerge out of nowhere. The seeds of this hatred are spread, beginning at primary schools, through books and are printed by the Ministry of National Education portraying Christians as enemies and traitors. The indoctrination continues through newspapers and television channels in line with state policies. And of course, at mosques and talk at coffee houses further stir up this hatred.” currently reports on its website that “Media reporting on Christians is very biased and Christians regularly experience discrimination when engaging with authorities. Christians have no access to state employment, and experience discrimination in private employment…in 2019, at least 23 expatriate Christians received an entry ban or were otherwise forced to leave the country with their families.” cites the statistic that “There are about 10,000 Turkish protestants who attend about 170 churches, many of them house churches, in the overwhelmingly Muslim country of more than 84.3 million people.” National Catholic Reporter online ( stated in a July 31, 2020 article that the conversion of Hagia Sophia from museum of Christian antiquity to an actively worshiping mosque was considered by the Middle East Council of Churches as an ‘assault on religious freedom.'”

June 22, 2020: China’s New Security Laws Worries Hong Kong Clergy

According to, if Beijing’s new “national security law for Hong Kong” is approved by the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress at the end of June, Hong Kong’s “vocal clergy who have supported the democracy movement could be extradited to and tried in mainland China.”

The U.S.-based International Christian Concern organization, a persecution watchdog organization, is quoted as stating that in additional to clergy leadership, “Hundreds of Protestant leaders or Christian organizations who have actively spoken out against the Hong Kong government might face (extradition to China), since Beiing has said it considers the mass protests that began last June as terrorist acts and any call for Hong Kong’s independence as acts of sedition.”

May 3, 2020:  New York City Starts to Recover,  Samaritan’s Purse Asked to Leave

I never thought I would see the day when a Samaritan’s Purse field hospital was asked to leave its location of assistance for any reason other than “job done,” here in America.  Yet many of the same factions who objected to its assistance, originally, are now raising their voices stridently, demanding that the “homophobic evangelic organization” leave the grounds of Mt. Sinai Hospital immediately.  And they have prevailed — which should be the concerning part to each one of us.  

According to, Corey Johnson, who is the speaker of the New York City Council, stated on Saturday (5-2-20) that, “This group, which is led by the notoriously bigoted hate-spewing Franklin Graham,  came at a time when our city couldn’t in good conscience turn away any offer of help.  That time has passed.”  By no coincidence, Saturday is the same day “Mount Sinai Health System announced it was shutting down the field hospital.”

This, despite many proponents of Samaritan’s Purse operations.  On 4-2-20, wrote, “The fact that Graham believes that same-sex relations and gender transitioning are against God’s will matters not; what matters is that the field hospital’s medical professionals are duty-bound to obey the Hippocratic oath.  If we cleansed our city of health-care institutions established by religious groups, there would be no Mount Sinai.  No Methodist Hospital.  No New York-Presbyterian.”

Whitney Tilson, an investor and author described by his own website as “the founder and CEO of Empire Financial Research,”  became an ally of the work Samaritan’s Purse was doing.  He is quoted by as having said, “I’m supporting a hospital that is saving people’s lives.  I’m not endorsing the ideology of the founder of the organization.”

Perhaps this Samaritan’s Purse outcry was raised to deafening volume as a result of Dr. Graham’s audacity in holding “an Easter message from outside the Central Park hospital,” also broadcast on Fox News.  reported that Natalie James, member of the Reclaim Pride Coalition, was outraged that “Franklin Graham, their notoriously transphobic and homophobic leader” would dare to give such a message, additionally complaining that it “was furthering their fundraising.”

February 19, 2020:  Supernatural Healing Drawing People in Wuhan and Beyond, Amid Coronavirus

Yes — Go, Jesus!  Awesome!  According to, Pastor Frank Amedia of the POTUS Shield Ministry, has heard from Chinese sources that there are  “Reports of Christians being healed of this virus by the power of God and the healing of God,” and that “People are coming in swarms to churches, house churches, that there’s Gospel and evangelism going out in the streets, person-to-person, that there’s supernatural healing…”

February 10, 2020:  Wuhan Christians Wear Medical Masks, Take Opportunity to Preach the Gospel in Public

I read this and my first reaction was WOW!   According to, “Christian witnesses are openly sharing their faith at the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan, China,” despite the fact that “Openly talking about Christian beliefs is illegal under the Communist government.”  The article also points out that with the widespread impact of the virus, “People in China are now more receptive to the Word of God and Gospel of Christ.”

February 4:  Uyghur Activist Warns Coronavirus Could Be Used as Tool to Exterminate Detainees in Xinchiang

This is a really frightening and horrifying speculation…and I had had this same thought myself.  I was surprised to discover an Uyghur Activist in Australia Publicly announcing the same concern.  According to, “Australian Uyghur activist Arslan Hidayat…warned (that) the regime in Beijing could ”use the coronavirus as an excuse to exterminate the millions of Uyghur Muslims in China’s concentration camps.'”  Christians and other cultural “undesirables” are sent to Xinchiang, as well.

February 4, 2020:  Coptic Christians in America Fear to Speak Out on Egyptian Persecution

We who live in America do not think about our freedom to speak out as necessarily having direct and dire consequences to any loved ones “in another country.”  Coptic Christians with relatives in Egypt are one of the exceptions.  According to,  the Coptic Solidarity organization was contacted by representatives of the recent National Prayer Breakfast to include Coptic Christian testimonies in their lineup of speakers or film clips.  Every person invited to speak at the respected event declined.  Why?

According to the article, “The vast majority of persecution and discrimination against Copts originates within Egyptian government and society.  This is the real driver of Coptic emigration to the West — for those few with the sufficient resources and contacts to leave…even if they successfully emigrate to a free country, they feel that they and their families can still be targeted.”  In January of this year, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi is quoted by as saying that assaults against Christians “is unacceptable.”  I will be following this one and seeing what unfolds.

January 8, 2020:  First-hand Testimony on Xinjiang “Re-education Camps” from Chinese Escapee Shared in Family Research Council Article

Israeli site carried a first-hand account of “re-education camps” in the Xinjiang section of China, as shared by survivor Sayrugal Sautbay.  The article is referenced and linked to the current 1-8-20 article by Tony Perkins titled, “The Land of Disappearing Christians.”  Two years ago, on 12-20-18, I referenced Pastor Wang Yi of Early Rain Covenant Church being arrested and leaving behind his proclamation, “My Declaration of Faithful Disobedience.”  Perkins’ article states that Yi’s “trial” took place just last month, and that he was sentenced to nine years of prison.  Perkins shares the conclusion from the U.S. Congressional Commission on China report that “President Xi Jinping’s country may be guilty of ‘crimes against humanity.'”

January 6, 2020:  In China, “Only Faith Allowed is Faith in the Chinese Communist Party” is reporting that beginning Feb. 1, 2020, “six chapters and 41 articles” comprising a new standard called “administrative measures” will place “virtually all aspects of religious life under the control of the Communist Party.”  In a continuation of both extinguishing all aspects of non-Communist Party worship expressions and promoting “Chinese culture and socialist party” in its stead, “all religious organizations will be required to obey and promote Communist Party values and China’s president Xi Jinping.”  This article also notes that this is the implementation of the 2017 decision to “reinterpret Christian teachings according to socialist doctrine.”

January 5, 2020:  U.S. State Dept. Adds Nigeria to “Special Watch List” of Governments Tolerating Religious Persecution has reported that Nigeria is now on the “Special Watch List” due to “the increasing violence and communal activity and the lack of effectiv e government response” regarding Christian persecution.  On the same day that “11 Christian aid workers had been murdered,” (Dec. 26, 2019) the Catholic Diocese of Maiduguri in Nigereia reported that a “bride-to-be and her wedding party” were also beheaded as they proceeded to their wedding location.  Islamic State-backed Boko Haram in the region claimed resonsibility for the killings.  The article referenced that Nigeria had moved up to “12th-worst country in the world when it comes to Christian persecution, according to Open Doors USA’s 2019 World Watch List.”

October 21/22, 2019:  The Chinese Goal That Succeeds–“I Am Physically and Mentally Exhausted” States Former Tiananmen Square Protester

The rest of the subtitle should read the rest of his sentiment, “I no longer want to be an activist.”  And that is an example of how the Chinese government has succeeded in breaking the will and perceived “destiny” of many of its people, just as it is attempting to break the bonds of faith from the hearts of the Chinese.

Two headlines in two days regarding Chinese governmental oppression caught my attention — one, the old story  above, the other continuing to unfold right before our eyes as the country of China continues its campaign to erase all visible signs of  “Christianity” from the Chinese public domain.  We need to cry out and batter the heavenlies daily with the earnest petition, Lord, set the Chinese people free! reported on 10-21 that “Communist authorities destroyed a 3,000-seat megachurch over the weekend…the congregation was part of China’s officially recognized network of churches.”  Without legal paperwork or pretense of justification, a large excavator simply pulled up and began to destroy the building.   Pastors Geng Yimin and Sun Yonghao were “detained,” allegedly under the charge of “gathering a crowd to disrupt social order,” according to a report issued by China Aid.

On March 13, 2019, published an online article quoting Xu Xiaohong, overseer of one of the two “approved” churches in China, as saying, “Western influence…made the churches in China to want to stay independent and focus on themselves.   Therefore, people often say, ‘One more Christian, one less Chinese.’  For individual black sheep who, under the banner of Christianity, participate in subverting national security, we firmly support the country to bring them to justice.”

“Subverting national security” is an interesting phrase, as is the misuse of the concept of “justice” as Xiaohong uses it.  The tactics used in the 1989 shutdown of students’ protesting in favor of democracy in Tiananmen Square are the same as those being used to “shut down” Christianity, and for the same purpose:  to create never ending physical and emotional exhaustion, to break and strip away the will and determination to accomplish any level of meaningful change.

October 18, 2019:  Horrors of Chinese Torture and Dehumanization Inside Its “Re-education”/Concentration Camps

A friend of mine posted this link from Tony Perkin’s Washington Update.  In the Update, Perkins shares, “The most excruciating forms of torture are happening behind barbed wire walls that Beijing has tried hiding.”  Perkins quotes German scholar Dr. Adrian Zenz, an  independent researcher and supervisor at the European School of Culture and Theology.  Zenz has made it his mission to “prove that this was happening,” and his audio interview with Perkins points out he was “led by God” to persist in research and publish results.  His reports include estimates of Muslims swept into the concentration camps, Christians, and ethnic minorities such as the Uyghurs.  Zenz’ research draws correlations and “systematically presents and analyzes ‘all available evidence regarding state-initiated intergenerational separation in the context of Xinjiang’s political re-education and internment campaign.'”

September 19, 2019:  Eritrean Christians Experience Government Crackdown Over Summer

Eritrea is located in northeast Africa and is bordered by Ethiopia on the south, Sudan on the west, and Djibouti on the southeast.  Its East and Northeast border follows the Red Sea coastline.  Listed on Open Doors USA as the “seventh-most hostile country in the world when it comes to Christian persecution,”  its government recognizes only four denominations as “acceptable.”  Over the summer, President Isaias Afwerki has been exerting increasing control over those four.  According to, “The government shut down all Catholic-run health care facilities leaving thousands without access to adequate medical care.”  Moreover, this article discusses the testimony of a formerly-imprisoned Eritrean pastor and his many years of imprisonment and torture.  Christians are “regularly arrested” for their religious beliefs and practices.  One survivor of imprisonment, Eritrean Gospel singer Helen Berhane, joined other persecuted believers to recently visit with President Donald Trump in the White House as they shared their concerns and experiences.

July 15, 2019:  Persecution Continues to Increase in Nigeria reports that in Nigeria, “an average of ten Christians are dying for their faith every day.”  Attacks come from Islamic terror groups, Fulani herders and Boko Haram.  According to David Curry, CEO of Open Doors USA, is quoted as saying Nigerian Christians remain “firm in their faith” despite consistent and “overwhelming obstacles.”

June 12, 2019:  Pastor Imprisoned in Turkey Warns of Unprepared Generation

As reported by, formerly imprisoned Pastor Andrew Brunson warned thousands of pastors attending the Southern Baptist Convention, “I don’t think that we’re prepared for what is coming, especially the next generation…”  Declaring himself to have been “suicidal” during his two years in prison, Brunson also stated, “I decided that I am going to fight fort my relationship with God.  If I lose my intimacy, my closeness to Him, then I’ve lost everything.”

June 11, 2019:  On the Eve of World Day Against Child Labor

According to, Gospel for Asia founder Dr. K. P. Yohannan reported, “Around the world, over 200 million children as young as five years old are employed in often dangerous conditions, and a majority of those children are in forced labor or enslaved.”  According to the report, Bangladesh is number one in child labor, followed by three African nations.  This is unbelievable to me.  More unbelievable — to say nothing of being deeply ironic — is the inclusion of two American tech giants  (Microsoft and Apple) and two American chocolate giants (Nestle and Hershey’s) on the list of “10 Companies that Still Use Child Labor.”

March 21, 2019:  VP Mike Pence Addresses “Help the Persecuted” Summit in DC

According to, in Mike Pence’s recent address to Help the Persecuted, he summarized the worldwide persecution of Christians by stating, “In more than 100 countries, from Iran to Eritrea, over 245 million Christians confront intimidation, imprisonment, forced conversion, abuse, assault or worse simply for holding onto the truths of the gospel….”

February 26, 2019:  North Korea’s Underground Christians Pray for Freedom to Worship Openly…and Bibles shares Kelsey Campbell’s article in which she writes, “In the midst of persecution, North Korea believers are desperate to read the comforting promises and words of Scripture…most North Koreans have never seen one…much less owned one for themselves.”  Campbell works for World Help, a  Christian humanitarian aid organization.

February 11, 2019:  Disturbing Look at Chinese Efforts to Hide Their Suppression of Religion

I have posted numerous links regarding the increasing persecution of religion — virtually all religion — in China over the last several months.  This article from releases devastating information on just how tightly the Communist hand is squeezing its people.  “The crackdown on journalists is only one facet of the increased effort to control information about abuses in China.  In particular, authorities are trying to stop evidence of their campaign against religion from reaching the outside world.”  Let the Spirit and angelic armies of God march through the halls of President Xi Jinping’s palaces and bring transformation!

January 7, 2019:  UK-Based Release International Warns of Increased Persecution in 2019

According to a report from, Andrew Boyd of the the organization is quoted as stating, “You have militant Islam in Nigeria; China which is communism; India, which is militant Hinduism; North Korea, which is a weird blend of communism and emperor worship.  There is an increasing intolerance and it’s being played out in violence…” Boyd also said, “we’re seeing an…alarming rise in persecution.”