Thoughts on the New Year 2021

We have just passed the entryway of 2021, and the Great Battle for America still rages.  It is in the spirit; it is upon the land; it is in the culture; it is in our institutions, among the people and in every political decision and action being made.

In the third movie of The Lord of the Rings trilogy, there is elf-to-elf telepathy between Lady Galadriel and Lord Elrond in which Galadriel states “The quest stands on a knife’s edge – stray but a little, and all is lost…the Ring knows it is close, so very close, to achieving its goal.”  The ring’s goal, of course, was to be reunited with its evil host, Sauron, manifesting a conquering evil that would subdue all of Middle Earth and its people under its foot of tyranny.

I feel like we, as a nation, are enduring that “knife’s edge” stretch of tension as we await the final curtain call on the 2020 election while the “ring” of socialist power has nearly reached its goal.

For nearly two months, post-election voting statistics have been compiled, re-compiled, re-organized, re-charted, re-explained; irregular-state-by-irregular state have had lawsuits brought forward only to be dismissed by varying courts not on substance, but on technicalities – technicalities about which there is disagreement, yet no lawsuits brought to determine if the technicality itself is being appropriately applied.  Then there are the facts and statistics about the middle-of-the-night spikes of vote downloads that shifted numbers from President Trump to challenger Joe Biden.

The primary media outlets have chosen to label ongoing regularities “a false narrative.”  There is only one narrative about which there is widespread media agreement – Joe Biden won the election.    Two-plus-two is no longer four.  It is whatever number the report wishes to make it, depending on a variety of factors.  The courts – even the Supreme Court, in a stunning abrogation of responsibility – chose to dismiss a multi-state lawsuit on a technicality.  Re-attempts for the Supreme Court to hear the data supporting the case — re-dismissal on more technicalities.

Never have I seen such days as these.  Evil is always ever-present – but this, this evil that overarches and encompasses an entire country with the intent of smothering and strangling out all dissent – this is a fraud of nuclear-attack proportions.  Many foreign countries are rumored to have worked together to accomplish the task; but this is shared only by multiple small, non-standard information outlets.  Confirmed as foreign players in our election interference are China, Russia, Ukraine, Iran.  There are likely more that yet remain unnamed, possibly undiscovered.

News and information that should create giant-font front-page headlines over and over again is dismissed:  more “false narrative.”  The facts, which bear themselves out plainly, are ignored by every governmental venue utilized by our American Republic in settling and deciding such issues.

“But thanks be to God, who always leads us in triumph through Christ, and through us reveals the fragrance of the knowledge of Him in every place.”  ( 2 Cor. 2:14)

With increasing regularity, the Christian prophetic community has been stepping forward and pointing people towards the unfailing faithfulness, wisdom, goodness and love of God for the people of the nations and, specifically, the people of America.  In one voice they have repeatedly confirmed….God is not closing the door on His divine plans and destiny for America.  

They are revealing the fragrance of Him in every place.

As one prophetic voice stated regarding God’s stance, “I am not extending a hand of judgment, but of mercy.”  (Hank Kunneman 12/20)

We wait, we pray, for all that we are seeing in the natural world is not as it appears.  Twenty days until the ring is connected to its evil master. We wait for the moment of His leading us in triumph as He reclaims the country that He founded.

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