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AMBASSADORS ARCHIVE – January to March 2018

March 27, 2018:  Barna Research Reports 51% of Churchgoers Polled Don’t Recognize Words in the “Great Commission”

My first reaction to reading this was, so what do they talk about in these churches?  Seriously, I was surprised by the high statistic.  Of most interest to me was the age breakdown, as reported by barna.com — 29% of “Elders” and 26% of “Boomers” reported familiarity with the text, while only 17% of “Gen X” and 10% of “Millennials” had knowledge of the verse. 


February 28, 2018:  Interested in Updating a Floatplane and Saving Lives?

This is way cool, and I had never heard of them, before.  The news editor of christiannewswire.com recently publicized a CNN interview with Samaritan Aviation’s founder, Mark Palm, as he spoke about the mission and impact of providing transportation to medical facilities to the hundreds of natives who live along the East Sepik River in Papua New Guinea.  Samaritan Aviation is an organization which summarizes its mission and strategy, “To show God’s love through action with emergency evacuation flights, medicine delivery, hospital ministry, disaster relief, and community health programs.”  These services are offered free of charge.  Check out the links and the interview!

February 13, 2018:  Joe Joe Dawson Prophetic Dream on Focusing on the Keyhole

I know nothing about Joe Joe Dawson except the info shared in charismag.com on 2/17/18, as part of his bio.  I could not tell you his theology.  Charismamag.com published Dawson’s piece entitled “Keyhole Remnant,” which I have linked to Dawson’s own webpage publication.  What kind of Ambassadors for Jesus are we supposed to be?  According to this dream, “God is looking for a remnant of people who will allow Him to chisel them down to become the key to open the door for so many others.”  I found this dream to be both fascinating, encouraging, and worth pondering.   

February 6, 2018:  Costa Rica Election Has Christian in Second Place, Runoff in April 

This doesn’t seem like unusual news in America….but in Costa Rica, having a professing Christian within 3% of winning the republic’s office of president is heralded as “the first time in the country’s history.”  Fabricio Alvarado is a former journalist for CBN’s Spanish broadcast Christian World News, Mundo Cristiano; he is also impacts the culture as a Christian singer and for the last four years served Costa Rica as a Deputy in the Costa Rican Congress.  Fabricio Alvarado campaigned on issues of “pro-life, pro-family, traditional marriage” at a time when the Costa Rican government is pursuing a more liberal social agenda.  

January 20, 2018:  Paul Manwaring Discusses the ‘Spirit’ of an Organization

The title of Manwaring’s post caught my eye and as I was drawn into the article, I found several significant points.  First, I found encouragement that serving the ‘spirit’ of the organization/business brings far more significance to “the work” than a focus on the tasks, alone.  From an administrative point of view, it is worth pondering Manwaring’s statement that “Whatever births an organization must be kept alive, and not just alive, but reviewed and kept in view.”  This category of “Ambassadors” may seem like unlikely placement for this link; however, a significant portion of each of our lives is consumed with some sort of employment, and focusing on the ‘spirit’ of what we support adds validity to our daily presentation of His Spirit and Presence in us as we go about our workday.