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PERSONAL NOTES ARCHIVES – January to March 2018

March 30, 2018:  Joyland Hosts Last Community Easter Egg Hunt at Current Facility


Yep, it was time for me to jump back in the bunny suit and hug lots of “little visitors” plus their parents, splashing them with Jesus’ love and offering prayers to many.  Loved the big smiles when I stuck “He is Risen” stickers on dozens.  Really great weather, no snow on the ground.  PTL!



March 29, 2018:  “The Last Sabbath of the Old Creation” by breakpoint.org

This article starts with a question regarding the amount of time Jesus actually spent in the tomb, but the author’s point actually focuses on “a call to rest, not just from something like work, politics, or the news cycle, but in someone.”  Worth thinking about!


February 26, 2018:  Archaeologists Believe They Have Discovered Seal of Isaiah

I am amazed at the frequency with which significant archaeological artifacts are being discovered!  Theblaze.com reports, “According to the Biblical Archaeological Society, scientists discovered a clay seal stamp they believe belonged to the prophet Isaiah.”  The clay stamp, which was used to verify the sender’s identity on written documents, is about half an inch wide and oval-shaped, and bears Isaiah’s name, “Yesha’yah”, and was discovered within ten feet of a similar seal belonging to King Hezekiah.

February 26, 2018:  Dutch Sheets’ Prophecy of the Upcoming “Greatest Influx of Souls in History”

Included in this prophecy is information regarding an “Appeal to Heaven” flag flown at the time of the Revolutionary War — a piece of history I have never read or heard.  According to well-known Dutch Sheets, “There’s another level of intercession, prophetic declaration, kingly intercession, making decrees for Him that is going to now launch us into what we’ve been asking for, for 25, 30 years — a Third Great Awakening in America…”

February 23, 2018:   ISIS Destruction of Tomb of Jonah Reveals 600-Year Old Palace

I love this stuff!  As archaeologists explore the 2014-damaged ruins of the Tomb of Jonah, inscriptions found carved beneath the Tomb identify “the palace of Esarhaddon,” an Assyrian king who boasted of having “renewed the statues of the great gods,” as well as rebuilding the ancioent cities of Babylon and Esagil.  The 2,700-year old inscriptions also reveal insights regarding the Esarhaddon’s family history and supports Biblical history.

February 16, 2018:  Three Spiritual Insights from New Movie, Samson

OK, I admit it — whenever a new “Bible movie” comes out, my “they’re-gonna-get-it-wrong” hat immediately drops onto my head.  I have NOT seen the new “Samson” movie, but I was favorably impressed with this article listing three spiritual lessons observed by the authors of the article 1.  God created you for a higher purpose; 2. You’ll need God’s strength to fulfill your calling;  3. You will face opposition while fulfilling God’s call.  Whether you plan to see the movie or not, this is a worthwhile article.  Kudos to journalists Mark Mittelberg and Cassie Littell of breakingchristiannews.com.

February 7, 2018:  Mike Pence a ‘Bad Fit’ to Represent U.S. at Winter Olympics?

Two openly gay U.S. athletes are refusing to meet with Vice President Mike Pence when he spends one-on-one time with American athletes at the Winter Olympics in South Korea.  Both of them stated their reasons were based on perceptions that President Trump’s policies were trying to “set us back,” according to freeskier Gus Kenworthy as he was interviewed by Ellen DeGeneres.  This is really an insignificant, pretty much trivial news bit.  Yet what interested me was his statement that Pence “doesn’t stand for anything I really believe in.”  Such as…being rewarded for hard work?  Non-observance of sexual orientation as a factor in being allowed to compete in a world-representative competition?  Freedom of speech, to criticize and rebuff a representative of the very country who honors and sends you as “its best”?   What a wasted opportunity–holding the world’s stage for such a brief time, and yet choosing whiney self-indulgence instead of promoting a positive viewpoint that could have benefited the entire LGBTQ community.

February 1, 2018:  Groundhog Day Has Christian Origins?

Groundhogs instead of hedgehogs?  Candlemas Day?  Even though it is past Groundhog Day, I found this little article quite interesting and actually full of trivia I did not know!  


January 27, 2018:  Kris Vallotton on Spiritual Warfare

A couple weeks ago I read Kris Vallotton’s  Jan. 10 blog on spiritual warfare and in his introduction to linking you to the piece, he set this scenario and asked this question:  …”In any war, there are always two agendas operating.  Are you wondering if it was God or the devil who led you into the battle?  The answer is yes–God and the devil both have a plan for us in the ‘dark night of the soul’ though they intend entirely different outcomes.  The question is, with whose plan will we side?”  This is a great read–check it out!