What is Prophetic Art?

In the book, Born to Create, author Theresa Dedmon writes, “God is raising us up in a divine partnership to bring down Heaven’s sounds, colors, movement, and creativity, all in worship to the King of kings. It’s time for all the arts to bring glory to God as we learn to sing the songs of Heaven, dance our love for Him, and paint anointed visions in His presence! At Bethel-Redding and many other places around the globe, the arts in worship are blending together like a mighty symphony to honor Him…I am amazed at how life-changing creativity can be when people are taught to create with the Holy Spirit.”

The God of the universe, the creator of you and me, has shared His creative DNA with us…and He is the very source and ultimate example of creativity.

Interested in learning about the successful use of artistic media to share Jesus, illustrate an aspect of the Kingdom, or just share the talent/inspiration He has placed in that one, unique, YOU? Follow my Creative Prism page for articles and interesting information on creative, prophetic art. Also visit, Theresa Dedmon Ministries.

You May Ask — How Do I Get Started?

Do you have an artistic talent that you have been cultivating, or do you have a yearning for God to utilize you in unorthodox ways? Yes to either is a great start…and even the secondary sentence, No, but I’m open to His leading me in a new direction or expression, is a positive and powerful place to start. Continue reading “What is Prophetic Art?”